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By: Nicole Milliman

Girl In New York City NYC

May 1st is just around the corner, AKA college decision day! Just last year I was walking around my high school surrounded by nonstop talk about where everyone was going to college. While it’s so exciting to start a new chapter, dealing with acceptance and rejection can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. Here’s a guide to getting through this decision season with no regrets.

Dealing With Rejection

An inevitable part of the college application process is rejection. I know how annoying it is to hear rejection is redirection,” especially when it’s a school you were really hoping to get accepted to. It’s so important to remember that you WILL end up where you are meant to be, and an important part of that is having an open mind. It’s also hard seeing your friends or classmates getting into amazing schools that you might have gotten rejected from. This is a tough position to be in, but try and remember that their win is not your loss. Everyone has put so much hard work into their applications, and each acceptance is something to be celebrated! At the end of the day, a college application does not encapsulate your worth, so don’t let a rejection define how you value yourself.

Choosing The Right College

One of the scariest yet exciting parts of decision season is narrowing down your list of schools and finally deciding your top choice. Even though it might be overwhelming, getting accepted into a variety of schools is such a good problem to have. If you are struggling with making a confident decision about your top school, here are some words of advice and encouragement!

Focus On Yourself

During this season, it’s so important to stay focused on yourself and your personal journey. It can be easy to fall into comparison and self-doubt, especially when you are surrounded by lots of other kids who are going through the decision process too. Remember that your value is not depicted by a college. Be authentic to yourself. Don’t choose a school just because your best friend or boyfriend wants to go there. This next chapter of your life is filled with so much opportunity, so it’s important that you make a decision that genuinely reflects your values.

Have An Open Mind

Something I learned during my college decision season was that you have to put your ego aside. If you are struggling between schools because one is well known and one is smaller, ask yourself “Do I really want to go to that well-known school, or do I just want to SAY that I go there?” Sometimes you have to get real, and take time to think about where you see yourself being the happiest. With that, it’s good to have an open mind towards all of the colleges you are considering. Who knows? Maybe that school you are dreading to tour could actually be the perfect place for you. You never know until you give it a chance.

Get Excited

Once you finally make your decision about where you will be going to college, get excited! You are about to enter such an exciting, adventurous, and rewarding year. It’s never too soon to start making connections with other girls who have also committed. Don’t be afraid to find the class of 2028 page and create a post! It’s a great way to put yourself out there, start making friends, and even start looking for potential roommates.

Before you get fully into college mode, make sure you remain present in your last few months of high school! Appreciate every moment with your friends and teachers, and finish this chapter of life with grace. There is so much coming up on the horizon for you, I promise this is only the beginning.

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