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From Golf to Tennis, These Outfits Will Have You Covered All Summer

By: Alexa Nissim


Whether you belong to a country club or not, you’ve probably seen a surge of the country club aesthetics. All my favorite influencers are wearing the cutest tennis and golf-inspired outfits to brunch, shop, or grab a coffee. I love seeing brands combining everyday wear with sporty attire. This crossover is definitely in for the summer so here are a few of my favorite pieces and outfits.


This white mini skirt is perfect for on or off the court. With summer coming soon, it’s best to have a staple like this in your closet.


These sunglasses are the best dupe for the summer. You’ll be guaranteed to impress at the country club or wherever you are.

This Dress


This dress is my number one pick for the country club aesthetic. Dresses are so easy to wear because you don't have to worry about pairing two pieces. Instead, you can throw on a cute dress like this!

These Shorts


These mini shorts are so adorable for the summer. They’re so easy to wear at the country club or in your daily wear on those super hot summer days.

This Hat

Alo Hat

I’m obsessed with this hat from Alo. It’s so classy and basic. You could easily pair it with any outfit this summer.

This Purse


This bag is perfect for everyday wear this summer. It’s on the pricier side but splurging on a bag is always worth it especially if you are going to use it daily (it’s girl math).

These Sneakers

new balance sneakers

These sneakers are so trendy yet unique. The color is unlike anything I’ve seen before, but it screams summer at the country club, which I absolutely love!

So whether you're perfecting your swing on the green or acing your serves on the court, these country club chic outfits will ensure you look stylish and sophisticated all summer long.

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