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6 Winter Staples You Can't Bare The Cold Without

Just because the temperature is about to drop, doesn't mean our fashion sense has to go with it. As much as we all love to throw on a good sweatshirt, a fresh pair of leggings and those little mini UGG boots, winter is actually the perfect time to grab your most stunning trench coat, knee-high booties and fur hats to make the streets your own little runway. This is your official sign to ditch the heavyen ruining your outfits for years and invest in these six finds that will jacket thats be have you dressed to impress for all of your exciting winter plans.

1. This Puffer Coat

Ditch that puffy coat you've been carrying around for years and invest in something chic and affordable. Not only will this puffer coat keep you all warm and bundled up, but it comes in a ton of fun colors to choose from as well.

2. This Chunky Scarf

Winter fashion is all about accessorizing and this chunky scarf is exactly what you need to turn heads. It comes in a wide variety of colors to make you pop off in style and is made of a thick, warm fabric that is perfect to bear the winter winds.

3. These Platform Boots

For every sparkly dress or matching set you have in mind for the season, you better have these platform boots waiting right beside it. Not only do they add a little height to your look, but they also make your legs look incredible, every single time you put them on.

4. This Fur Hat

There's no such thing as a bad hair day in the winter when you have this fur bucket hat to save the day. With its fuzzy detailing, you can ensure that your ears and head never get too cold for a winter city day.

Carry around all of the winter essentials in this puffer tote bag that screams 'winter chic.' It has more than enough room for your scarf, tablet, lipgloss and any other essentials that you may need to win the day this season.

6. This Knit Sweater

A staple sweater is a must for the winter and this knit sweater is no exception. It has that oversized fit that we all know and love and comes in a ton of stunning colors to choose from. You can't miss out on the turtleneck detailing either, ensuring you are warm and chic all season long.

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