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Influencers You Need To Be Keeping Up With Right Now

By: Danielle Zibiri

Leonardo DiCaprio

I know we all love Alix Earle, but over time, particularly this year, I've come across great influencers that differ in sectors across fashion, lifestyle, career, and more. I can genuinely say my days are a bit better when they come up on my feed. Discovering these influencers has been a breadth of fresh air from all the commercial product push polluting my “for you page”. They inject a sense of diversity, excitement, and purpose into my scroll and I've become obsessed.

I'm not saying I come online to watch educational lectures and pretentious seminars, and I don't know if it has anything to do with growing older, or just becoming truly sick of witnessing BS all the time. But if I'm on my phone I want to get some value out of it, watching content that actually inspires and intrigues me. Of course, I'm for pointless scrolling once in a while because I simply can't help it, but for the best of both worlds, influencers who make you laugh, cry, think and push yourself a little further are my absolute favorites right now.

This influencer is based in LA and goes to USC while running her own company and being a creative director. If you're looking to watch the best lifestyle edits ever, follow her. Every time I watch her videos I'm inspired to get up and running, it's great motivation. Aside from being totally gorgeous, she also has exquisite taste and serves as a style, makeup, and workout inspiration for her 1.2 million TikTok followers. She's a perfect reminder that we can do all we put our minds to.

Where do I even start? Clarke's content is so versatile, you can never be bored. She's a recent Columbia University Graduate, and a content creator, during her years at Columbia she took us through the journey of her various internships within the law sector, and till now serves as a guide to young women who aspire to work in the political and law sector, taking us through her visits at the white house, and a possible law school embark. She's incredibly hilarious and never fails to give us the inside scoop of her wildly interesting dating life (shout out golf bae). She's the pillar of a young, self-made and intelligent

woman who goes for everything she wants without fail. Whether it's discussing hot topics in the news, career advice, holiday travels, or dating scoop. If you're not following Clarke, what are you doing?

For everyone getting into the workspace, and feeling unmotivated, anxious or simply confused, she's your girl. This NYC-based influencer is basically Barbie personified, intelligent enough to thrive in corporate America while serving us the chicest outfits on a platter every single day. I watch her in awe of how she's able to balance it all, being an investment banker during the day and an influencer at night. We can't talk about her without discussing her “Morning in My Life before the office” videos. She has the morning routine of a beast. It's quite intense, but it's still a great source of inspiration to manipulate into your routine as you please. She helps you get in the right mindset and overall atmosphere where you can thrive in whatever corporate space you are in. If you're looking for a daily dose of productivity, motivation, and discipline, as well as hair, makeup, and outfit inspo she's the girl to follow.

London's It Girl turned New York. The embodiment of a fashion icon. While we’re looking at some outfits thinking “Is this too much?” Jordan’s thinking “Is this enough?” She's set up in the scene of all the fashion capitals in the world. She's known for having the craziest, and most unique designer pieces and she's not afraid to wear them boldly either. As the daughter of a vintage designer shop owner, she grew up knowing fashion was her calling. From working at Tom Ford, Versace, and Garrard to Harper’s Bazaar Dubai, she has all the qualifications under her belt and has created a successful lifestyle from her passion. She began influencing by showing the BTS of her luxury fashion jobs, and now she's at the forefront of every fashion show, event and gathering. Today, she's the Content Director at a commerce company - “Heat”, specializing in curating new luxury for a new generation of consumers.

Eva Apio has inspired thousands of young girls to break boundaries and follow their own path, an influencer with a heart of gold. I will always admire her emphasis on internal beauty. Not only is she one of the most beautiful models, and luxury influencers, she values spirituality and helping those in need and she's not shy about it. She's the founder of Evapio Foundation “an organization that responds and caters to the needs of Ugandan youth”. She's adept at fostering partnerships, using them not just for personal gain but to further her foundation's mission of giving back. Eva is not just an inspiration for the perfect heart posture, but she has impeccable style too. She is always spotted with the craziest collection of sneakers, and accessories so definitely give her a follow.

Better known as “Unc”, Chris appeals to a niche audience with his unique blend of style, wisdom, and charisma. He's more of a tastemaker, offering guidance and serving as an overall inspiration. His allure lies in his old-money, preppy street style, coupled with his unexpected knowledge of underground artists, culture, and fashion. Chris really is that guy and you can't deny it. Often referred to as the “aura king”, some argue he's really who we all want to be. Heyn has a great eye for aesthetics and puts pieces together like I haven't seen, he has an eye for detail and an unmatched sense of style and is the epitome of individuality and self-expression.

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