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10 Ways To Level Up In 2024

Listen up, this isn't about all of that 'New Year, New Me' BS... Because most of the time, we make those changes and then literally give up 2 weeks into the year. This list is not for temporary changes, but instead, a guide of 10 different ways to genuinely level up as a person in 2024. Not only are we all getting hotter this year, but we're also getting healthier, hydrated and more mindful too. Follow Our MUUZ's guide to become THAT girl in the new year, and how to actually stick with it for years to come.

1. Set Fitness Goals

This year is all about making YOU feel good. These fitness goals are not supposed to be made in order to loose weight fast or set unrealistic expectations for yourself. These goals are meant to genuinely boost your overall well-being and give you that energy you may have been lacking last year. Set a goal to walk once a day or maybe take part in more outdoor activities. When you find a way to fall in love with fitness, it will literally change your life. Plus, you can invest in cute, little workout sets like this one, so you can feel good and look good while getting your workout on.

2. Drink More Water

I am going to say this once and say it again and AGAIN. Drinking water is SO important for your health and this year we all have to make it a priority. One tip I always give for staying more hydrated is to find a water bottle that I get excited to carry around. Everyone knows that this Stanley Water Bottle is iconic, but Amazon also has a ton of other options that include motivational quotes, reminders, patterns, colors and more. We're all guilty of going all day without a single sip of water, so making this change is guaranteed to give you a ton of results such as clearer skin, fewer headaches and happier days ahead.

3. Make Changes To Feel Less Bloated

Ladies, we're finally saying goodbye to those unnecessary bloats and stomach pains that feel like they are never going to go away. If you are waking up with a bloated tummy, it's time to make some changes. This Green Juice Blend is a favorite of ours and it comes in the most delicious flavors so we can promise you it doesn't taste as gross as it may look. If you've tried to make changes and nothing has worked, it is time to check in with a doctor! Take control of your health this year, you will thank us later.

4. Cut Out People That Don’t Add Value To Your Life

Take a look at your texts. Who's reaching out? Scroll through your DMs. Who's sending you videos that remind them of you? Who's calling you on a Friday night or wishing you a Happy Birthday? These are questions you need to ask yourself when you are taking stock of who you surround yourself with. It might sound dumb, but why would you surround yourself with people who don't reach out to you and prioritize you the way that you do for them? When it comes to friends who are blatantly just mean, toxic or jealous, it's 2024 and they have to go. We have no room for friends who bring us down in the new year and it's time to surround yourself with people who lift us, provide us with value and care about us the way we care about them.

5. Buy New Accessories

If there is one Amazon product that I can recommend to you, it's going to be this HUGE beauty sponge. I'm serious, this picture doesn't even do it justice. Anyways, the new year is the perfect time to invest in new accessories that will upgrade your lifestyle such as beauty sponges, hair clips, towels and more. It's crazy how the simplicity of buying a new product or daily item can change your mood overnight.

6. Live A Cleaner Lifestyle

Listen up. Clean your makeup brushes, organize your closet, get rid of old makeup products and make your bed every day. It's officially time to get your life in order and these are all simple and quick steps that you can take to get the job done. You will be shocked to see how much stress can be relieved when you just surround yourself with a cleaner, more organized space. I recommend just setting aside one hour a week to get these little tasks done. Within a few weeks, you will have created a cleaner system that you will want to always live by.

7. Glow Brighter In The New Year

Become a more confident, radiant version of yourself in 2024. Whether that means you are using this body oil or investing in a glowy foundation, find a product that is going to make you glow like never before. It is crazy how much your confidence can be boosted with the help of one product. A little touch of glow can go a long way and you are going to fall in love with it as soon as you hop on the trend.

8. Invest In A New Jewelry Collection

I'm sorry to say it, but this is not your sign to go and make an impulsive purchase on that one expensive necklace you've had your eye on. Instead, this is your sign to stock up on a ton of fun, affordable pieces that will really elevate your look in the new year. Bracelet stacks, ring sets or fun statement earrings are all the perfect choices for adding a chic look to everything that you wear in 2024. I'm not even kidding, you can wear a bracelet stack with a sweatsuit set and it will completely change the whole entire vibe of your look.

9. Buy A New Journal

Whether you use these notebooks to write down your thoughts and feelings, take notes in class or keep track of your fitness progress, they serve as a chic and convenient way to document your progress in 2024. These journals come in a pack of three, allowing you to put them to use however your mind sees fit. It's so important to write down your goals, thoughts and ideas, as the second you put them down on paper you are taking one step closer to bringing them to life.

10. Find Your Favorite Vitamins

I'm not saying to go crazy and start taking every vitamin in the book, but try to put some kind of effort into maintaining your health in 2024. These multivitamins are perfect for women who are just looking to get their daily fix of vitamins and nutrients they need. The best part is that they aren't the kind of vitamins that taste disgusting. They actually taste like candy and will make you look forward to chewing on them each morning.

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