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By: Nicole Milliman

Summer Aesthetic Sitting On Porch

“Out with the old and in with the new.” I feel like that is always the message I am hearing when spring comes around. While I am all about finding an excuse to shop, I don’t think we need to completely change our wardrobe every time a new season arrives. Sometimes, a few simple pieces are all it takes to transition your outfits from winter to spring. Here are five versatile essentials that will elevate your style this spring season.

Blue and White Striped Linen Pants H&M

Linen pants are such a classic spring essential that you will not regret adding to your collection. The biggest priority for me when looking for good pants is comfort, and linen pants do not disappoint. They are perfect for the unique springtime weather, working well with the warm afternoons and sometimes chilly evenings. Linen pants come in so many different colors and patterns; This makes them perfect for the minimalist girls who love neutrals, and for the girls looking for a fun pop of color. Style them with a cute white tank, a fun graphic baby tee, or even a cozy sweater.

Colorful Adidas Sneakers

This spring season, I'm noticing a very colorful and vibrant theme in fashion, specifically in shoes! Adidas sambas have taken over – every time I leave the house I seem to see someone wearing a super cute pair of colorful sneakers. Despite the brand or style, colorful shoes can spice up any outfit! I love how they let your unique personality and vibe shine through an outfit. Colorful sneakers work so well with any springtime outfit. From dresses, jeans, linen pants, and shorts – colorful sneakers are a staple this spring.

Pacsun Jeans

I am always on the lookout for a good pair of jeans. During spring, I think it’s so important to have one pair that you can always rely on. These comfy low rise jeans from PacSun are not too tight or hot, making them ideal for springtime. They are very versatile and can work with so many outfits. You can easily dress them up or down based on the shoes and accessories you chose, making them the perfect base to an amazing outfit.

Striped Cardigan

A striped cardigan is such a chic element of any outfit. This piece can take jeans and a white tank top from basic to elevated. A striped cardigan is perfect to throw on over your shoulders when the sun is shining, making it easy to throw on as it cools down throughout the day. This is such a timeless item that you can also get use out of throughout all of the other seasons depending on how you chose to style it.

Metallic Flats

One of my favorite fashion trends this season has been the rise of Ballet Flats and Mary Janes. I love seeing all of the different ways people are styling these shoes. Brands have been releasing endless colors and styles of flats, ensuring that there is an option for everyone’s taste and style. You can really get creative with your shoe game this spring, just like TikToker Anna Barger has with her iconic shoe and sock combinations. Ballet flats and Mary Janes are so comfortable and can be styled with many different spring pieces, like skirts, jeans, and dresses.

Spring is such a vibrant, beautiful time to embrace color and creativity – especially through your style. This year, remember that you do not have to entirely revamp your wardrobe just to fit in with the trends. These 5 simple pieces will be the perfect tools to elevate your style this spring!

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