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The Transitional Spring Wardrobe You've Been Waiting For

By: Danielle Zibiri

Girl In Pink Outfit

Spring is here and as the weather warms up (or not quite yet), it's time to shed those winter layers and elevate our style. The days of hiding beneath bulky coats and hideous sweatpants are gone. Underneath all those layers some of us wore things we wouldn’t even admit to. As we approach this season, now is the time to leave those winter wardrobe excuses behind and embrace the opportunity to dress and most importantly feel our best this spring....

1. These Sweaters

First, you need to get at least 5 neutral-colored sweaters/cardigans, I recommend black, white, light gray, darker gray, and one with a pop of color. I love sweaters because no matter how lazy I'm feeling that day it always makes me look dressed up. I can't remember the last time I bought a sweatshirt because of this. Obviously, we can't all go out and buy a 200-dollar cardigan so for affordable options I suggest, Zara, H&M, and honestly Amazon. There are some great sellers on there with good quality as well. It's important to pick diverse options if you don't want to come back from shopping with the exact same sweater just in different colors. Diversifying in texture, shape, cut and silhouette is very important. We often rely on such outer great elements to alter our outfits but truly the smallest changes make the biggest differences. Some of my favorite sweaters are linked below.

2. These Shoes

The second item we need is a great transitional shoe. We all know ballet flats are the biggest craze right now. Minimalistic vibes and “Sofia Richie-inspired" looks are also being encouraged. I've always said I'm not one to believe in trends, I believe fully wearing what we love brings out the best in us both on the inside on outside. There's a different type of radiance in wearing something that makes us truly feel confident. However, no matter what we do or how unique we'd like to be we would always find ourselves purchasing things that fall into a trend as the very selections we see in stores are pulled from runway inspirations. Ballet flats are just the best in my opinion. I love the easy take-off and slip-on. I love how free and able my feet are to breathe and love the versatility of the styles they come in.

If you are not a fan of ballet flats though, loafers are a great option, especially for our dark academic girls. I feel professional and all serious in a loafer, if you're not a fan of your feet being out it's a great option, there are also so many types as well and that makes it an even greater option. If we're looking to still include a bit of our winter wardrobe, however, boots are great... Especially knee-high boots. I love how they pair with a nice mini skirt or baggy t-shirt dress, they elevate looks so quickly so for the chillier days or just days where we don't feel like having our soles so close to the ground, they're a great option. So for our winter lovers don't be too sad, we don't have to get rid of all the winter wardrobe just yet.

3. These Blouses

I know when we think about blouses we look back at those godforsaken drape tops our mothers used to wear. But I'm such an advocate for a good blouse. They don't always have to be draped, odd-colored or fashioned. From the right place and with the right eye, we could easily pick out a great few. To me, the key to picking the right blouse is having the vibe in mind, styling it right, or having a good inspiration pic. They can make us look 40 (not that there's anything wrong with that) but I think we'd rather look our age.

Have a particular vibe in mind and pair accordingly and just like that u could look the chicest you ever have. Also since blouses are rarely fitted, pairing them with some fitted jeans or trousers, even shorts and a mini skirt paired with some see-through tights really brings out the more youthful aspect. What I love about blouses is how they are transitional in all ways, not just with the weather but also with occasions. It's so easy to make a fabulous day and night look out of the same one. And this makes getting ready that much easier.

4. The Perfect Trench Coat

Last but certainly NOT the least is a great trench coat. This could either be long or short. For the colder days or maybe at night where temperature is known to be cooler a coat that isn't so stuffy but also provides adequate warmth is essential. Trench coats do this best because of their thin but strategic placement. To pick the perfect one I highly recommend trying in-store. I know we all love the convenience of online shopping but it is extremely important to get a coat that fits right cause no matter how beautiful it is, if it doesn't flatter our body it just won't look good. Have the color you want in mind as well and be open to new things, dark brown coats are really lovely also a deep red or burgundy. So explore your options and pick one that fits perfectly!

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