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5 Nail Colors That Are A Necessity For The School Season

We are all a little guilty of running around the hallways with a broken acrylic or maybe a few chipped nails. But you know what? It's almost a new year and a new semester, meaning this is our sign to hop on track with the hottest nail trends of the season. Whether you're hitting the books or strutting through the halls, your nails deserve to be as stylish and fabulous as you are. From the classic to the daring, these colors are perfect for anyone looking to add a splash of fun to their school ensemble. Here are the top picks to keep your nails looking on-point this school season:

1. This Bubble Bath Shade That Everyone Is Obsessed With

Everyone knows that OPI's Bubble Bath Shade is the most iconic nude color that is perfect for every occasion. This shade is a classic, offering a clean and polished look that complements any outfit. Whether you're giving a presentation or chilling with friends, this versatile color adds a touch of sophistication without trying too hard. It's like your nails are whispering, "I'm naturally this fabulous."

2. This White Shade That Is A Staple In Your Collection

White nails? Yes, please! This snowy white polish is a bold yet minimalist choice that screams confidence. Pair it with some funky rings, and you're ready to have a casual yet sleek look that everyone will love.

3. This Red Shade To Make A Lasting Impression

Go bold or go home with this red shade that is for those days when you feel unstoppable. Quick-dry formula means you can swipe it on and dash out the door to your next adventure. It's not just a color, it's an attitude.

4. This Sparkle Shade To Stand Out In A Crowd

Everyone deserves to feel special and noticed and there is no better way to do so than with this polish that has a mesmerizing rose gold that catches the light (and everyone's attention) with its holographic magic. It's playful, glamorous, and a little bit edgy.

5. This Clear Coat To Keep It Chic And Casual

We all have those indecisive days and when we do, it's best to go with this clear coat polish that never disappoints. Whether you top it over your favorite polish or wear it on its own, it is guaranteed to add a shiny and stunning touch to your appearance.

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