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5 Tips On Having Your Very First Kiss

by Ellie Zeiler

It’s no mystery the MUUZ girls have kissed a boy or two. Unless you’re my dad reading this then no, I've never kissed a boy and you can just keep scrolling…

Okay, now that he’s gone I can give the real tea on having your first kiss (because I looked it up on Wiki-How at some point in my life, and MUUZ is way more in touch than that)

1. Be Subtle When Using Your Tongue

Do not stick your pointy tongue down anyone’s mouth. I know we have all seen movies where the guy grabs your head like a basketball and suddenly the characters are both eating each other’s faces. That is not usually the case. Nobody likes a pointy-tongue-stick kisser. So, when the time comes and you or the other person gets a little bit of tongue involved, just relax it. Don’t stick it in someone’s mouth. Just let it flow naturally; let your partner guide you and try to follow his lead.

2. Double Check That Fresh Breath

Keep your breath fresh. You could be the best kisser in the world but if your breath smells like the dinner you just finished, it will seriously ruin the whole mood. Trust me, we've all been there and we're all guilty of it, but the best thing we can do is to try our hardest to avoid situations like that happening again. I like to keep unwrapped gum or mentos in my pockets whenever I go out. So when the time comes, I can turn my head, pretend to yawn, and pop some gum in.

3. Don't Force The Moment To Happen

It will come so naturally in the moment. This is the NUMBER ONE thing I stress because I look back to high school Ellie. (Yes, I had my first kiss in high school. Yes, that is a little late for some people, who caressss)! I was so nervous I wouldn’t know how to kiss someone. When I tell you it’s like there is a natural switch that goes off in your body when you have your first kiss, it’s like everything flows and is so natural. So, if you’re stressing about it just like i did, just remember it comes naturally, I promise!

4. Slow Downnnn

Hold your horses! Once you’ve been able to overcome the peck, it’s now time for some longer action. In your mind, when kissing starts to get faster, enjoy the fast-paced energy for a few seconds but then pull back and kiss a little slower. It brings you back to the fact that you are kissing an actual human being not chowing down on a watermelon.

Just remember that kissing is supposed to be fun, intimate and exciting. There is no need to rush it or be uncomfortable while doing it. Just enjoy the moment, focus on the person who is right in front of you and have fun!

5. Don't Feel Pressured

Just kissing is okay. In this day and age, I feel like we are all growing up way too fast. Suddenly, you’re expected to do things you don’t want to do so quickly and I’m telling you, you don’t need to. I dated my first boyfriend in high school for almost a year and all we did was kiss. If a boy you like is pressuring you to do anything you don’t want to… drop him. He will end up breaking your heart at some point so might as well break his first. When you’re ready to do more you will know, and if you don’t know… you’re probably not ready and that is OKAY!


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