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Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The school year is around the corner and we are not going to take the passenger seat when it comes to decorating our rooms this year. From LED mirrors that assist in perfecting your GRWM routines to wall art that will make your dorm room the hottest one on the floor, we got you covered with everything you will need to have the best year yet. The best part? It’s all right here on Amazon. Happy school year and more importantly, happy shopping!

1. This Mini Fridge For All Of Your Chasers And Snacks

If you don’t already have one of these Mini Fridges waiting in your dorm, this is your sign to run to Amazon and get one. It’s perfect for storing your favorite snacks, drinks, chasers and more, keeping you stocked up all day and night.

2. This Bedside Shelf Will Become Your New Best Friend

There’s no need to get up from your cozy bed to grab your phone, drink, charger or other accessories when this bedside shelf can hold it all. It attaches on to the side of your bed, providing you with the perfect spot to charge up and rest your belongings.

3. These Throw Pillows To Get Bougie On A Budget

The best part about these throw pillows is that they make your room look like a million bucks. They come in a ton of fun colors to choose from, making it easy to keep up with whatever theme you have in store for your room this upcoming school year.

4. These Closet Hangers Are A Game-Changer

If you’re guilty of wearing as many crop tops as I do, then you are going to want these closet hangers that will make organization a breeze. These hangers let you store 8 crop tops or sports bras on one singular hanger, saving more space than you can even realize.

5. Keep This Water Bottle With You At All Times

Anyone who’s already spent some time on campus knows that these Stanley water bottles might just be the hottest accessory that everyone wants their hands on. With its large handle and reusable straw it’s not only easy to carry around, but chic and environmentally-friendly too.

6. Your Friends Will Obsess Over This Wall Art

Upgrade your space in one simple step with this wall art that has been trending all over Pinterest. It comes in a set of 4 different pieces of art, each offering its own unique look and retro design. Simply hang them up with command strips or pair them with an Amazon frame for a look you will love.

7. These Floating Shelves For The Knick Knacks

Whether you’re looking for a place to display a candle or those picture frames that you brought from home, these floating shelves are the perfect accessory to get the job done. They stick on to the wall with the complimentary adhesive sticker and will create a modern design that everyone will love.

8. Stay Organized All Semester With This Desk Display

As much fun as we all want to have the first semester, we can’t forget that there’s a little studying we have to squeeze in there too. With this desk display, you can keep all of your notebooks, sticky notes, pens and more within reach on your desk to maximize your productivity and success.

9. This Laundry Basket For All Of Your Outfit Changes

We literally recommend this laundry basket to everyone who is headed to college as you literally have no idea how many times a day you are going to change your outfit. It has a boho design and strong build, making it perfect for long walks to the washer and dryer room.

10. This LED Vanity Mirror For Your GRWM Routine

Slay every makeup look you have planned for the fall semester when you have this LED vanity mirror to get you through it all. With the variety of different lighting options and brightness to choose from, you can achieve the most flawless looks in just a couple of minutes with this Amazon gem.

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