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Bye Bye Clean Girl, Hello Cluster

By: Tehila Soleman


For all the time I have spent on this earth, there is documentation to prove it. Letters, stickers, notes, photos, things that should be considered literal trash, you name it, I kept it. While I regularly purge things from my closet and constantly organize my bedroom, I can’t help but hold on to these mementos from my past. My mirror is filled with postcards and Polaroids that have been stuffed into the frame, and the trinket box on my nightstand is constantly overflowing. All this to say that I never felt like there was a proper name for this “aesthetic”. I would see photos on Pinterest of girls’ rooms that looked the same, but I never knew how to define what I saw besides “clutter”. That was until I discovered Girls Who Cluster. 

As if straight out of a Sofia Coppola movie, “clustering” is the perfect name for your curated collection of memorabilia. Think of it as personal style, but for your room decor.  Created by Avery-Claire (@averyclairen) who defines clustering as “intentional, beautiful clutter of one’s most favorite things,” it is the embodiment of the “messy-clean girl”. 

Since its inception, Girls Who Cluster has grown into an online community of young women sharing photos of their favorite things, and how they have decorated their spaces with them. Whether that be through collages in your journal, or a dresser carefully decorated with favorite perfumes and necklaces, the Cluster Community has space for everyone and their favorite things. 

Beyond documenting decor and life, Avery also creates extremely well-curated gift guides for the Girls Who Cluster, and those in their lives. Down to the details, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Happy Clustering!

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