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Essential Products for Achieving the Perfect, Glowy, Summertime Skin

Updated: Apr 7

By: Shaylin Smith

Glowing Skin Blonde Hair Bun

Achieving that effortless, flawless, glowy look for the summer is a goal many of us share. I don’t know about you, but every time I tried to do a makeup look like this I either looked way too oily or just ended up using too much makeup for something that is supposed to be “effortless”.... Until these products. And, this look is achievable for any skin type, even dry skin!

When the weather is warm and my face is getting a tan as the summer weeks go on, all I want to do is embrace the natural, radiant makeup look. Over the years I have collected a few items that have really helped me accomplish my goal of cultivating a complexion that exudes health and glow. Discover the key products that will leave you glowy, but not shiny, all summer long!

Supergroup Glow Screen

SPF is, of course, very important in the summertime, but this isn’t just any other sunscreen. Supergoop Glow Screen is sunscreen that brings the perfect amount of glow to your skin. I have gone through countless bottles of this. It is not too sparkly and does not make you oily but rather makes your skin look hydrated and healthy. I use shade “Sunrise”, but depending on your complexion and what you are going for there are other shades to choose from! It is the perfect moisturizer, sunscreen, and illuminator for the summer.

L'Oreal Lumi Glotón

THIS PRODUCT. There are so many ways you can use the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion because of the variety of shades. I’ve seen people use the lightest shade as a highlighter and my roommate uses the darkest shade for a bronzer. I personally like to use the medium shade to give my skin a bronzed glow. Especially combined with the Supergoop Glowscreen, your skin will look flawless. It covers up any discoloration in the most minimal but perfect way.

Elf Liquid Glow

This product is THE KEY to glowy skin. If you buy one product from my recommendations, please let it be this. I’m sure most of you have heard of Charlotte Tilbury’s “Flawless Filter” and this could be considered a “dupe” for that product, but I think this is way better. It is only 14 dollars, lasts for months, and seriously makes your skin look incredible. I like to apply it with a stippling brush and then smooth it over with a beauty blender. I cannot recommend this enough for all year round, but especially in the summertime.

Key Largo Bronzing Drops

Instead of using a powder bronzer that could take away from the liquid, dewy look you have going on so far, try using these bronzing drops. We have all seen the Drunk Elephant Bronzing drops on Tik Tok, but I find these give you a more natural bronze and are much easier to blend. I like to use my fingers and apply these to my forehead and cheekbones which is where I typically apply my contour or bronzer. There are many bronzing drops on the market, but these are by far my favorite.

blush wand

Everyone has seen the glowy, pink, “sunburned” look that is popular throughout the summer. This blush wand gives you that look with only three dots. This is a well known product that I truly think is worth the hype. There are so many shades that you can choose from depending on what look you want and each one is beautiful in its own way. It is like a highlighter and blush combined that gives you an amazing and essential summer glow.

Benefit Highlighter

This highlighter is literally a hidden gem. I think I have had this same highlighter stick since 8th grade and I will never stray away. A highlighter is essential for looking glazed and glowy, but you don’t want straight up sparkles on your face or something that makes you look oily or greasy. I have no word to describe this highlighter other than perfect, and it never runs out. I like to apply it with the Morphe M510 brush. I just brush it over the highlighter stick and apply it to the high points of my face. Even with no other makeup on, this with a little moisturizer will give your skin the healthiest looking glow.

Patrick Ta Balm

Last but not least, this product is a splurge, but definitely worth it. The Patrick Ta Major Glow Balm, specifically in shade “She’s On Vacation” is the best addition to your summer make-up collection. Not only does your face and skin need to look radiant, but so does the rest of your body! I love applying this to my chest, shoulders, collar bone, or anywhere your outfit specifically reveals. When the light hits these certain points, the Glow Balm works its magic. It looks like you have a filter on your skin and is so moisturizing. And it smells amazing, literally like you're on vacation.

Remember, your radiance comes from the inside, but let these products do their work and you will have the glowing skin of your dreams. Don’t let summer be the start and end of your glow up, you can use these products, continue glowing all year long, and feel beautiful no matter the time of year.

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