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Goodbye, Clean Girl, Hello Mob Wife. Here’s Every Faux Fur Coat You Need This Season.

Updated: Jan 26

Quiet luxury and the “clean girl” aesthetic are out with 2023, and entering stage right as we delve into the new year is 2024’s first TikTok craze, “Mob Wife Chic.” 

I think we can all admit it: we are so happy that old money and minimalism are dead. More realistic and effortlessly chic is the maximalist nod at the curated style icons of mafia dramas like the Sopranos and Goodfellas– who gave us supermodel glam mixed with organized crime. Who doesn’t like chunky, gold jewelry and smokey eyes paired with a messy updo and vintage fur? 

If you’re ready to ditch your slicked-back bun and your “no makeup,” polished skin, here is every faux fur coat you need to reach Mob Mommy Maximalism.

Crisp and icy, this floor-length, black stunner is sure to turn heads the minute you walk into a room. This coat isn’t just a garment, it’s a statement: “Don’t mess with me, I don’t have time for you.” Paired with black leather and a cheetah print stiletto, this coat will be the centerpiece in emulating the ultimate mob wife.

If you’re looking for swirling moonlight crystalized into a short, budget-friendly combination of pattern, color, and style, this Amazon number is for you. Whether you throw it on with jeans for a GNO or over your matching set for a skip to the bodega, this coat will keep you warm and in style.

This coat isn’t playing sweet. It’s dripping with seduction. It's the coat you wear when secrets are your currency and power plays your perfume. Pair with a little black dress and a knowing smile, and suddenly you’re the walking legend Adriana La Cerva of The Sopranos.

Forget blending in, this coat, studded with a coquette-inspired pale pink shade, says “Iceberg Empress,” with no questions asked. At the long length, it leaves room for your favorite boots and even a few glimpses of skin. This is not just a seasonal slay but rather an iconic and unique piece that is sure to remain in the rotation for years to come, even if mob wife maximalism makes its way out.

Indulge with this cutesy faux fur that says, “I embrace comfort but with a dash of decadence.” Picture it tossed over your Levi jeans and a simple turtleneck to explore the city and conquer the arctic tundra like a true mob wife.

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