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How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

By: Danielle Zibiri

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

It’s easy to find yourself in situations wondering how you even got there, it’s even easier to feel one way and completely feel another in the next week or so. We’ve all had “situations”, hookups, or just guys that would not leave us alone (even though we were partly at fault). We thought we liked them and as the days go by he’s giving you the biggest ick or is just not the right one for you. The healthiest thing to do when ending things with a guy is to be straight up. You could always be an adult and tell him you're simply not interested but who wants to do that? 

 But…if you want to lose him in DAYS and avoid that uncomfortable breakup talk flooded with back and forth and insincere tears here are some sure ways to do it. 

Full disclosure: I don't encourage toxic behavior (unless necessary)! 

Call Him 24/7 

Guys are weird, the further you pull from them the more they want you. You can tell a guy you hate them and they’d crawl back to you. Say I love you and they're halfway across the world in minutes.  Depending on your guy and the stage of this relationship “ Nag, Nag and nag again. Call him 24/7 and give him no space. Send him a good morning text every day, quadruple text and make sure to tell him you miss him at least 5 times a day. Make him feel like you're looking for something incredibly serious right off the bat, watch him run far away.  For this to work It’s important to know what type of guy you're dealing with. Some fall over heels for clingy bs but if he’s more the avoidant type this is a game changer. Suffocate him to the point he never wants to see you again. 

Act Irrationally 

You know how men love the line “Is it your time of the month?” well it’s time to turn this up to a level that would make him run. One thing men cannot stand is drama, obviously, they love a woman that’s hard to get but once they’ve gotten her, drama is NOT on the table. Complain about everything he does, complain about everything you do to him, start arguments out of nowhere, and jump to conclusions like never before. Whatever guy you're getting to know would leave so fast and the best part is he leaves thinking he has the upper hand but you do. Have a complete meltdown(while maintaining your integrity) over something so trivial he gets sick of you. You must find something to always be mad at especially when he talks about other girls.

Avoid Physical Contact.  

You need to do this to the point he might consider you being repulsed by him. If you’ve been affectionate with him in the past, even better. Physical touch is one of the things that make men feel emotionally close to a girl and if you're not touching him at all.. he’s going to question your situation and why he’s even in it. To throw him off even more gives me a bro-type physical touch. Pat his back, give him a high five, and the worst a side hug. It’ll leave him spiraling. 

Pay Girls to DM Him

It’s sad how quickly this would work on most guys ...Set him up with other girls, it’s a great way to know if he’s even worth the hassle in the first place. Create some fake accounts or just ask random girls to DM him about hanging out trust me the more female attention he gets the less he'll bother you about anything. If you're one to get a bruised ego I’d advise against this cause it’s a double-edged sword. But if you want this man gone this is your best bet. 

Over Commit Paint Your Future with Him 

After your first, or second date, send him memes about boyfriends/girlfriends saying “omg us”.

Send him pictures of what you think your kids would look like, what home you’d live in, how you’d do the holidays, and where you'd get married to him. Make him think you're so obsessed that your future is completely planned out and set on him. He’d get the ick so fast, or honestly puss out. 

Embarrass Him a Bit 

The biggest thing in a man is not his brain… it’s his ego. They are literally born prideful. Any sort of embarrassment, demeanor or suppressing comment. He’s not going to have it. Correct him if he sounds stupid and make it very obvious or even worse do it around his friends. He’d be gone in seconds. 

Be Terrible at Having Sex

Next time you're hooking up, do everything wrong. I honestly feel like giving a guy the worst sex-perience ever would make him leave quicker than ever... In the movie, Andie refers to Ben as “Princess Sophia” making him lose his erection and it’s actually the funniest thing ever. 

Snub Him On Your Stories

We’ve all done this and there’s nothing more embarrassing. At the moment we really think we’re doing something but honestly looking back it makes me lose feelings for myself seeing how desperate my story posts were. There’s no other sign of insecurity and craziness than a story snub at a boy you're not even fully committed to.

Talk about your EX 24/7

Nothing bothers a guy more than feeling like they have competition. We as girls hate to share but that’s one thing men hate even more. Show him you're still “hung up” on your ex and if he’s a smart one he’ll go running. 

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