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I'm A Part Time New Yorker And An Avid Aperol Spritz Drinker | These Are My Go-To Spots

By: Danielle Zibiri

Aperol Spritz

Summer is here, we're all looking for the best sidewalk cafes and restaurants to drink an Aperol Spritz and talk shit. Once the sun comes out so does Aperol and it's not a myth.

Aperol Spritz and I have some romantic history I just can't seem to shake. Call me basic but it's my absolute favorite cocktail and no matter where I am and when, I will be having one always. I'll never forget the time I had my first sip of Aperol.  I was in Rome on a family holiday and decided to take a sip of my mum's drink. I'd never spat something out so fast. It tasted like fuel. Two years later on another family trip, I decided to give it another go, maybe it's the fact I was older so hence my refined palette but I could not get enough of this. It was my go-to for the whole summer, and since then I never stopped. 

Since starting college I've visited New York every Thanksgiving and summer. It's become a tradition between my family and friends and it's one I've come to love a lot.  After staying in about ten hotels and visiting almost 20 different restaurants I've become a self-indulged cocktail critic with a lot of opinions. In the essence of having spent over 500 dollars on Aperol spritz (ridiculous I know) within the last few years these are my top picks for Aperol in the city!!!!

This restaurant has become widely popularized within the last few years and with reason. It's a family-owned Italian restaurant with the best pasta and pizza you've ever had. I know we're reviewing Aperol spritz but if you get the chance make sure to try the calamari too. This is the best Aperol spritz I've ever had in NY. It wasn't watered down or overly concentrated. The best way to know if an Aperol spritz is going to be a good one is if it has that gradient, going from clear to slightly orange and full-blood orange. If you want the best Lil frankies is where to be.

This has become a restaurant I and my mum frequent over the past 3 years. Their burger takes the reign and their high tea is something everyone should experience. The MO Lounge has the best vibes, views, and ambiance. At the bar, the Aperol spritz is served in a huge glass - 1st green flag- and once again has that gradient. I couldn't help but ask for another. Aside from having the best drinks and food, this is the perfect girls' night out pre-game.

The Edition is known for its minimalistic yet edgy interior. The Lounge is modern, classy, and timeless. It's an amazing place to get dinner and drinks with your friends. Get an Aperol spritz and maybe a Cosmo, pair it with the amazing truffle fries and sit at the famous lounge, or head to the upstairs pool bar. It's always a good time when I visit and I leave feeling like I had the best night ever.

Make sure to sit outside when you go to Serafina, especially during the peak summer periods, the vibes are incredible like something straight out of Sex and The City. They have 10+ locations in the city alone so really there's no excuse not to go. The authentic Italian food is simply to die for and I am never able to walk back cause I'm so full. It's the perfect location for spilling all the tea for your girls or an unforgettable date night. 

New Yorkers are flocking to this place now because it's warm for their infamous Aperol spritz, unfortunately, this restaurant is walk-in only so go early to avoid a line, but honestly, the Aperol is so good and 1000% worth the wait. Their dirty martini is impeccable and is served beautifully as well. I would go again just for the olives chips and almonds served before the main meal.

The best finds are always unexpected, I planned to live out my Jersey Shore dreams in NYC so my friends and I detoured to Jeremy's Ale Bar. On the way we spotted the most adorable Italian spot, a candle-lit sidewalk with the best view of the night skyline and I had probably the 6th best Aperol spritz of my life. The pasta was incredible, especially the bolognese.


Not only is this minutes away from Carrie Bradshaw's apartment it has the best sidewalk view and the best lemon sorbet with prosecco. Spend a day living like Carrie minus the bad decisions(maybe one or two). I had the best time living my Sex and The City dreams.

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