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Iconic 2000s Outfits From Your Favorite Shows

By: Danielle Zibiri

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For about three years now we’ve seen the resurgence of the 2000s fashion. As quarantine began, nostalgia kicked in. We found ourselves drawn back to iconic TV shows like Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, and The OC, as well as classic movies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Mean Girls - shows our parents watched and inspired over. 

      The 2000s blessed us not only with prime entertainment but also iconic style moments. Marissa Cooper's Chanel Bags, Blair Waldorf's Jewellery, Carrie Bradshaw's sickening Manolo heels. There were no restrictions on style; maximalism was in full swing. Items I didn’t even know could be worn together were done. These are 20 beyond-iconic looks that honestly influenced me in my teenage years and my mum is in her 40s! These will never get old.

13 Going on 30 

This Versace dress is almost too popular. With over 10,000 recreations on Amazon , Jessica Garner wore this dress to strife. I’m still the 13 yr old girl in the elevator staring down the dress wondering when it’ll be my turn. 

Blair's Gatsby Look

This iconic sequin dress with pearls is forever ingrained into my memory. What better look is there to crash a party?

Cady’s Black and Pink Dress

Lol, no one loved Cady's “revenge” era more than I did and she wore the most perfect dress to execute this. She might have thrown up on Aidan and lost two friendships that night. But she looked hot af.

Marissa Cooper's Missoni Dress

I have about a hundred tabs open searching for this dress. 

Andie's Burberry Look

  Even though we never got the full cameo this was beyond amazing. The Burberry look has a special place in my heart. Who doesn't appreciate a touch of air hostess chic?

Summer's Polka Dot Moment

Ew! Why don’t we make dresses like this anymore?

Serena's Iconic Yellow Dress

Serena brought nothing but drama to her mother's 5th wedding. She gave us a floral Upper East Side wedding with 2000s Tom Ford chic. It was great.

Carrie Bradshaw's Floral Dress

Although she was about to make the 100th terrible decision of the year, I had no choice but to stand behind her looking that good. 

Miss Congeniality's Lilac Dress

This was a cultural reset for me. 

Charlotte York's Body-Con Dress

This dress represented so much power. The feminine cut showed Charlotte's true class.

Marissa Cooper's Go-To School Outfit

Even though she was in her bad girl era. This showed us a bit of the old Marissa. 

Naomi Cambell's Ugly Betty Cameo

The red tights, obnoxious jewelry and high-heeled sneakers. Truly iconic.

Amanda's Ugly Betty 

It was so hard to find one cause she slays repeatedly every episode. But this was one of the first outfits in this show and I was beyond obsessed. 

Elizabeth Hurley's BAD shirt

How to look this good in leather pants ….

Blaire's Ruffle Top

If you are what you wear, you better dress the part you want.”

Elle Wood's Study Outfit

Love the striped top with the belt and of course the most important accessory; her blowout.

Emily Blunt's Devil Wears Prada

The eyeshadow alone made this whole look. She truly served the essence of a woman in her twenties working at Vogue. Gothic chic had a serious vibe.

Brooke David's Cropped Sweater

I remember looking at this for the first time, searching above and beyond the internet. I'm obsessed. 

Summer Roberts' Costume

 I get Seth now..

Marisa Cooper's Graphic Tee

The hair crimps took me back a lifetime. 

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