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If You Have An Online Shopping Addiction, This App Will Change Your Life.

By: Tehila Sole

Outfit Collage

Like any good 21st-century girl, I am a shopping addict. Constantly seeking out my next victim, making purchase after purchase.... It’s an insatiable habit that I can’t seem to get over. Oftentimes, my shopping obsession hits a fork in the road, usually because of a lack of funds, an inability to choose between two of the same products like jeans, or deciding that there are 10 other items I just NEED to have right now.

This would typically lead to about 50 open tabs or windows, split respectively between my phone and computer. That was until I discovered Locker, the virtual wishlist and shopping app. Locker is an app, and browser extension that you can save and organize all the tabs you’ve saved in one place. Instead of keeping a bunch of tabs open, or saving 30 things to the cart that will expire in 24 hours, you can save all your shopping obsessions in folders, in the Locker app.

Locker App Logo

I could go on for hours about the obsession I have with this app, but my favorite feature by far is the outfit collages. I’ll be going away in a few weeks, and I have used the outfit collages to plan and organize all the outfits I want to bring, like my own version of Cher’s closet in Clueless. It’s also been an amazing way to rationalize purchases and see if the pieces I’m interested in will work with other pieces in my closet (because of course, you can save pieces you already own to Locker as well!)

The app is not only the best way to keep track of all the items on your wishlist, but you can follow friends and get inspired by what they have saved to their Lockers as well. 

Founded by Kristine Locker, and run mostly by women, the community of Locker exceeds your personal shopping habits and enters the real world with events like their community thrifting event at Melrose Trading Post in February! 

The love and community is real, and once you download Locker, you’ll be sorry you didn’t know about it sooner ;)

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