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Lucky Girl Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

By: Angelina Rizo

Two Girls Laying In Bed Aesthetic

As silly as it sounds, I believed kissing an Irish lad or maybe a ginger would help pick up some luck. Turns out both and (quite frankly all) have only given me about 27% of the luck I’ve been in search of.

Perhaps the luck we’ve all been in search of isn’t initially where you think it would be. If you’re not caught up on lucky girl syndrome, it’s the latest trend that creating a positive mindset allows the universe to work in your favor. But truth be told, I once heard that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. However, the real question is, what does being the luckiest girl mean to you? Is it living in that big city, receiving that acceptance from your dream college, or finally finding that perfect friendship? As settling as it may sound, everything starts somewhere. I’m not saying that being delulu is the solulu, but maybe that dream grows from that seed you’ll plant now.

It all starts somewhere, even when you’re unsure of where to begin. As a teenager, I’ll be brutally honest when I say, feeling lucky wasn’t always my default. But even without resources, I was the first to figure out the cleverest way to finesse my dreams and goals. However, it all began with being kinder to myself and those around me, expressing gratitude for every moment, and viewing each second as an opportunity to make someone else feel, well, lucky.

Here's what I did to feel like I’ve just caught lucky girl syndrome.

1. Five Minutes Of Gratitude

I know, I know, easier said than done, right? But trust me! Taking a moment to be thankful for your bed or being thankful for friends and family, works wonders. Give thanks for the present, because life has a way of picking up speed, and you don’t want to lose sight of where you started. Personally, I’ve found that using a five-minute journal each day works like a charm, it also allows you to look back a year later.

2. Find The Silver Lining To Always Feel Lucky

You can choose to learn something from anything and find a fresh opportunity to become a visionary. Train yourself to see the positive side of a challenging situation. Shift your perspective to see a positive light, perhaps the setback is an opportunity for personal growth, reminding us that it’s okay not to have all the answers. Find the blessing in disguise; there’s always room for moments of kindness, opportunities for connection, and a deeper appreciation for what truly matters.

3. Design A Better Routine

Here’s the real deal, MUUZ, has said it before, stray away from your boring routine. Designing a routine that makes you feel prepared sets you up for success. Maybe it’s using that notes app for your to-do list or putting together a Pinterest vision board that sparks your motivation and introduces something fresh into your routine. Lately, I’ve been setting aside an hour in the evening to try out new recipes, it’s not just good for impressing future pookie (kidding!), it’s teaching me how to be financially savvy by cutting down on Doordash. That’s girl math and luck right there.

4. Practice Forgiveness

Create an environment where luck can thrive. Forgiveness is a secret weapon, it’s part of healing and it's crucial for both yourself and those around you. Practicing empathy and seeing things from others’ perspectives can soften your heart. Let’s be real, our world could use a bit more softness. Nothing shines brighter and attracts luck like someone with a warm heart, who’s gentle with themselves and others.

5. Volunteer Or "Give Back"

I promise you, there’s nothing that makes you feel luckier than taking time, skills, or resources to help others. It’s a chance to shift the focus away from yourself for a moment and embrace the community around you. Through volunteering, I’ve made some of the most transformative friendships and connections with people who share the same values and are often rich in kindness and positive thinking. You’ll never know who you’ll meet that can shift the course of your life.

Luck has its funny way of finding you, and it’s not just a roll of the dice – It’s a mindset that can be cultivated through intentional practices and choosing the right attitude. I promise you, lucky girl syndrome isn’t about having everything served on a silver platter; it’s about recognizing and appreciating the abundance of life and opportunities that surround you every single day. Maybe, just maybe, along the way, you’ll stumble upon your pot of gold. But as someone who has been there, I can say that Irish lads and gingers don’t hold the key to luck. It starts with you. It’s about choosing each day to live intentionally and take proactive steps toward our goals. After all, I like to think luck favors those who are daring enough to chase their dreams.

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