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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Type of Mom

By: Alexa Nissim

Young Mom and Daughter

Mother’s Day takes the cake as one of the most stressful days. I always feel like I’m scrambling to find a gift for my mom. For someone who has done so much for me, it feels impossible to find one thing to signify my appreciation for her.

Here’s a guide to simplify the day to celebrate your mom, grandma, or any mom figure in your life.

1. An Adorable Tote Bag

Tote Bag

These personalized tote bags are perfect for a mom on the go. I gave my mom a similar gift last year and she loves to use it for groceries or packing for a weekend trip. Since it’s personalized it gives a more unique touch that would make any mom feel super appreciated.

2. This Super Comfy Bath Robe

bath robe

For the mom who’s all about relaxation, this robe will definitely make sure she’s comfy all year round. I gifted my mom a robe a few years ago and she still wears it to this day!

3. A Wine Bottle to Spice up the Day

wine glasses

Gifting bottles of wine are guaranteed to add fun to the party! You don’t need to get anything super expensive, just something to add to her day and make it even more special. Or even picking up non-alcoholic alternatives to add some sweetness to the day.

4. This Simple, Yet Beautiful Necklace


This might be overdone but I still think jewelry can be a special gift when you really consider your mom. With so many different options and brands it can be hard to narrow it down, but this necklace really stands out. It’s not super expensive or tacky and you can pick between gold, silver, and rose gold depending on her taste.

5. Last but not least, a Mother's Day Spent With You


Hosting a Mother’s Day brunch or taking her on a spa trip is truly the best gift. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but just some quality time to catch up and celebrate her!

Start thinking about what you want to do for your mom on her special day. It might be hard to pick just one off this list, but doing something to make her feel how appreciative you are of everything she does for you is a good place to start.

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