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MUUZ's Official List Of In's And Out's For 2024

A New Year means it's time to find a new MUUZ. Here's a little insight into how the MUUZ girls plan on living their best life in 2024.


  1. Pinterest > Instagram

  2. Calling Yourself Hot In The Mirror

  3. Bows

  4. Staying In On Friday Nights

  5. Turning Off Your Phone At Night

  6. Matching Sets

  7. Naps

  8. Shutting Tf Up

  9. Not Scrolling While You Are Eating

  10. Entrepreneurship

  11. Keeping Candles Lit

  12. Reading Before Bed Time

  13. Financial Mindfulness

  14. Eating Breakfast

  15. Prioritizing Girl Friends


  1. Impulse Shopping

  2. Judgement & Jealousy

  3. FOMO

  4. Texting Your Ex

  5. Being Impatient With Fitness Goals

  6. Old Money Aesthetic

  7. Not Mixing Waters In When You're Drinking

  8. Playing Games With Your Situationship

  9. Allowing People You Would Never Take Advice From Ruin Your Day

  10. Nail Art

  11. Being Loud and High-Key

  12. Mindlessly Scrolling On Social Media

  13. Vaping

  14. Being A Bad Friend

  15. Obsessing

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