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Pucker Up! Here Are The Top 5 Hottest Lip Products You Need

By: Alexia Nissim

Eating Strawberry

If you know me, you know that I always carry at least 5 different lip glosses with me at all times. Even when I’m going out, the only things in my purse are my endless supply of lipsticks, liners, and glosses. It’s almost impossible to narrow it down to just five picks, but here are some of my favs. 


I recently bought this during a Sephora sale and have not stopped using it since. I got the shade Berry but all of the colors are so subtle while also giving you that perfect glow. I love how the brand is fully vegan, making me even more comfortable when I use it. 


The next pick is a little basic, but rightfully so. Summer Fridays have been my latest obsession. I bought almost all the different shades and am constantly applying it. They also just came out with an iced coffee balm that I need to try (coffee + lip balm, there’s nothing better)!


If you’re looking to splurge, I highly recommend this. I love how the gloss isn’t sticky and just gives that juicy lip look. It also keeps my lips really moisturized, so I love taking it with me on a night out.  

Lip Selfie

One of my long time favorites, this lip gloss is the most amazing texture. It smells so good and will last all night. With so many different shades, you can mix and match depending on what type of vibe you’re going for. 

Dark Lipstick

I’m obsessed with this lip plumper. It gives a natural, but enhanced effect for your lips. The color is fairly sheer, but I usually layer it with a darker lipstick and lip liner. 

Honorable Mention: NYX 

Applying Lipstick

One of my favorite drugstore options is the NYX butter lip gloss. I’ve literally been buying this since I was like eleven years old and I still go through so many bottles. They have tons of different shades from pinks to browns to clear.

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