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Spending Time With Your Dad Is the Best Gift for Father’s Day

By: Shaylin Smith

Dad and daughter on beach

Father’s Day is coming up and I don’t know about you, but my Dad is impossible to shop for. He doesn’t need a new hammer, a new beer koozie, or a new apron for when he barbecues. Anything you can buy your Dad, he can buy himself, and that is why experiences are the best gift to give. Here are a few things you can do with your Dad on his special day!

Make Breakfast For Your Dad

Father's Day Breakfast

My Dad’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Make him some eggs, sausage, and cut some fresh fruit, and have it ready by the time he comes downstairs! And then as a cherry on top, do the dishes! This will be a great start to his special day. 

Play a Game of Pickleball 

pickleball aesthetic

This is such a fun activity you can do not only with your Dad but with your whole family. Put on a cute workout set and have some family fun, plus it's a great workout! 

Go on a Family Hike 


Going on a walk with your family is a great way to unplug and spend quality time together. Spending time with his family and exercising are my Dad’s favorite things to do, so combine the two and go on a hike! 

Family Beach Day

beach day with kids

For those of you who have a beach near you, this has always been one of our favorite things to do together. Bring some games for the beach, snacks, and tanning oil and enjoy your day together. It’s a great change from the typical beach days with your friends. 

Family Pizza Night

pizza making

Making Pizzas is such a fun activity, especially with your family. Go to the store and pick up the essential ingredients to make a pizza bar for your family. Pop them in the oven and they are good to go! Instead of your Dad preparing dinner for you, you can buy everything and then set it up for him! All Dad’s love thoughtful activities like this. 

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