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Stop What You’re Doing. Everything At Alo Is On Sale.

By: Mia Meltzer

Girl in Water

Amazon has great  “buttery-soft” leggings or what most like to call, "athleisure dupes..." But only the real girls know that Alo is where all of the hype reigns supreme. Sure, you can spend a fraction of the cost on Amazon for a pair of leggings, but Alo would never do you dirty with a cameltoe the way those Amazon leggings DEFINITELY will. Don’t get me wrong, we all love an affordable find, but when it comes to Alo, I’m telling you right now… Just spend the extra money.

Lucky for us all, that “extra money” isn’t so bad because the whole store is 30% off this week for the Alo-versery. Plus, if you’re an Alo member, you can use the code “member” to get early-access. If you’re like me, you probably planned on scrolling through the whole entire site while sitting in a meeting or driving in the car (I highly recommend not doing that if you’re as bad of a driver as I am). Anyways, skip the scrolling as MUUZ already did the digging and found all of the best picks that the sale has to offer.

Workout Top Alo White

Alo Black Yoga Pants

Trucker Hat Alo

Alo Workout Bra

sweatshirt all

Alo Workout Shorts

ALO wide leg trousers

ALO Onesie

Corset Workout Top Alo

Alo Socks

Alo White Sports Bra

Alo White Leggings

Black Cardigan Alo

Alo Tennis Dress

Mesh Alo Top

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