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The 2024 Paris Olympics Are Two Months Away... Here's All The Female Olympians You Need To Keep An Eye On

By:  Hana Tilksew

Paris Olympics

The 2024 Olympic Games will commence in Paris on July 26. If you’re a sports fanatic, you probably know all the major players who we’ll see compete for the gold. But if you’re a casual sports watcher and want a quick run-down on some impressive female athletes to look out for this summer, I’ve got you.

Gymnastics legend Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in all of history, is headed back to the Olympics this summer. She already has 37 Olympic and World Championship medals, so it’s safe to say that she’ll probably have more by the time this year’s Games are over. You can keep up with Biles by following her on Instagram @simonebiles.

2. Sha’Carri Richardson, U.S.A., Track

Sha’Carri Richardson is another American who keeps pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a successful athlete. With her signature long nails and love of colored hair, she always stands out on the track. Richardson is proof that you can experiment with your personal style while remaining dedicated and professional. You can find her on Instagram at @itsshacarri.

3. Marine Johannès, France, Basketball

During the WNBA season, Marine Johannès plays for New York Liberty, but for the Olympics, she’ll be competing for her home country of France. Johannès has been nicknamed “Wizard” for her magical skills on the court. You can find her on Instagram at @marinej5.

4. Safiya Al Sayegh, U.A.E., Cycling

Safiyah Alsayegh is the first female cyclist from the United Arab Emirates to qualify as a racer at the Olympics. Before that, she was also the first professional female cyclist in the U.A.E. And she’s only 22 years old! She called competing in Paris this summer a “childhood dream.” You can find her on Instagram at @safiya.alseyegh.

5. Noor Slaoui, Morocco, Eventing

Noor Slaoui is an event rider who grew up in Morocco and has studied in France and the UK. While her life has taken her around the world, she’s returning to Morocco to rep her home country at the Olympics. Unlike most other Olympians, Slaoui hasn’t been training since she came out of the womb — according to her, she only started taking riding seriously in her third year at university. You can find her on Instagram at @noor_slaoui_eventing.

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