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Things You Need To Pack For Spring Break (That You Didn't Even Think About)

Girl Drinking Coconut On Vacation

Coming from someone who has been on one too many spring break trips, It’s safe to say that I can basically name off every single thing you need so you don’t end up sunburnt, crying in the club or outfit-less. (Yes, all of those things have happened to me).

I know that you know the basics. You know you need a million bikinis, you know you need to bring your AirPods and you know that you need to bring false eyelashes for the night out at the resort club. But, I promise you there are so many more things beyond the basics that will literally make or break the whole entire week.

Whether you’re spending spring break in Punta Cana or on a little cruise to Mexico, I promise you… These 6 items are non-negotiables. I swear, if I had just had these in my bag, my four spring breaks could have gone a lot better… and I mean A LOT.

1. This Portable Charger Will Save The Night

Pink Portable Charger Plugged In To Phone

You’re probably thinking, “obviously I am going to bring a portable charger.” Maybe you’re not… Either way, I didn’t think about it when I was running around a different country with my friends and I really wish that I had. Not only could I not take pictures, send Snapchats, or call my Mom, but I also couldn’t call my friends when I lost them and was literally lost on a random beach. So with that being said, BRING A PORTABLE CHARGER.

2. These Shampoo Bottles To Keep Up With Your Routine

Bag Of Travel Bottles Multi-Color

No matter what hotel you are staying at for Spring Break with your friends, most likely the shampoo and conditioner they have to offer is not nearly as good as the one you already keep in your own shower. Just take my advice and purchase these bottles. They are affordable, reusable and can hold your favorite products. I can’t go anywhere without my Ouai Shampoo and I don’t plan on it now that I have this. (Secret Hack: These bottles can also hold your self-tanner)

3. This Liquid IV Will Save Your Life

Blue Bag Of Liquid IV

Just put it in your bag. I’ll say it again and again. The difference between putting this in your water and not putting it in your water is the difference between enjoying your trip or wanting to go home early. 1 stick can literally change your whole entire time. Whether you didn’t drink a lot of water the day before or maybe you drank too much of something else, this Liquid I.V. will save the day.

4. This Mini Razor For A Quick Touch Up

Miniature Razor In Packaging

If you’re like me, your leg hair and armpit hairs literally grow back before you get out of the shower. Trust me, you’re going to want this mini razor. I’m not talking about your average razor that you already keep in your shower, I’m talking about this specific one. I recommend slipping it into your purse or Lululemon Fanny pack, allowing you to secretly run away to the bathroom with your friends if you missed a spot or something like that. (I don’t judge, we’ve all been there)

5. These Makeup Wipes Fit In Your Pocket

Bag Of Mini Makeup Wipes

Obviously, you were planning on bringing makeup remover on your spring break… I know that was already on your list. But I am telling you… it needs to be these makeup wipes. They come in these tiny little packages, not only keeping them extra saturated but also small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. You will be surprised how often you need to wipe away some mascara or eyeliner after the pool or party. This pack comes with 20 so it’ll literally last you all week long and then some.

6. This Deck Of Cards To Entertain

Pack Of Deck Of Cards

It sounds so dumb but I promise you, these cards are a non-negotiable if you’re hanging by the pool. You might think you’re gonna lay there and tan or drink with friends all day but after three days, you’re going to want to do something else. These cards actually became my favorite part of my spring break trip. We would play different games by the pool, new people would join in and we made a ton of friends solely based on a stupid card game. Highly recommend!

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