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This is Your Sign to Book That Flight to Europe

We know better than anyone that one of the best ways to beat the winter blues is by romanticizing your wanderlust dreams and imagining yourself galloping over European cobblestone streets. Can’t see the image in your head? We can help. 

Picture this: your skin, bathed in golden sunshine, homemade gelato dripping down your hand, and bustling crowds echoing about the piazza. European spring is a kaleidoscope of dreams and positive human energy. Here is every reason to morph those saved Instagram posts and travel daydreams into your reality RIGHT NOW.

1. Budget Friendly Flights:

Per Expedia, international flights should be booked in the sweet spot of around 60 days prior to your intended travel dates, but no more than four months out– and you will always have more luck planning an off-season (Spring) trip as opposed to other times of the year. If you book this month, you can save on flights for trips anytime between the end of March and early June (girl math). Spring break? Summer kickoff? The dream is yours– and you can save up to 10% on a trip you already want to take!

2. Pleasant Weather:

While the ideal European weather is totally in the busy summer season, spring brings comfortable temperatures that foster the perfect days for sightseeing. Say goodbye to sweltering summer heat, and say hello to breezy Parisian mornings or slightly sun-kissed Italian evenings. These temps will pair perfectly with staple pieces like your Zara blazer and favorite Aritzia one-piece.

3. Beat the Crowds:

Nothing is worse than those summer tourist hordes while trying to explore the Louvre or reenact your Lizzie McGuire dreams at the Trevi Fountain. Get some breathing room at all the famous spots by taking your trip this spring instead of mid-July.

4. Instagram-Worthy Golden Hour: 

What might surprise you most about your spring travel itinerary is the picture-perfect sunsets. Melted pots of gold mixed with cotton candy fluff flood over the European countryside in spring evenings, making for the most beautiful photographs to include in your end-of-trip photo dump. You’ll never look better than in front of the Eiffel Tower and snapping a flash pic with your Canon G7X as orange flecks of sunset surround you like a Parisian fairy.

So, what’s stopping you? Break out your favorite luggage set, pack your cutest travel outfits, and book that flight! Your European dream– and with it, charming cafes, breathtaking landscapes, and endless opportunities for self-discovery–awaits! (And the Instagram posts too!)

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