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6 Instagram Accounts You Have to Follow This Summer

By: Tehila Soleman

Girl in Museum

It's time to go through your following and decide who gets to stay and who has to go this Summer. If you're ready to fill your feed with fashion, food, lifestyle and inspiration, these six influencers are your ticket to a flawless summer.

Carla Ginola / @carla_ginola

Carla is your classic European girl. Dressed in the most immaculate outfits, full of color and cool dimensions, she reminds me of the photos you would see of women dressed to the nines lying out by the beach in southern France from the 1960s. I’ve been following Carla for some time, but nothing compares to the perfect pieces she puts together for the summer, which you would never even consider if it were in your own wardrobe. Her page is also a reminder not to take life, or fashion, too seriously.

Denna Nazem / @strictlythegoodstuff

Denna, or @strictlythegoodstuff, is the account for everything. With the best recommendations for everything in countless cities across the world, I will check out her “strict lists” to get my mind flowing for a day of touring my own city. From fashion to food, to bookstores and coffee shops, you can find everything on her page, including her radiant personality.

Sophie Cohen / @stylewithsoco

Just when you think you have your style figured out, check out Sophie’s page. I have never in my life seen someone so dedicated to fashion, and the color pink. Styling basic and unique pieces in ways you never would have thought, and making you rethink everything you knew about the “laws” of fashion.

Nitsan Raiter /@nitsanraiter

If you’re looking for fashion, career, and puppy content, Nitsan’s page was literally made for you. I can’t get enough of her adorable dog, Bagel, and when I saw her euro summer last year, my jaw was on the floor. Seriously chic, timeless, and always put together, Nitsan’s brand (@mindyourbusinessofficial) has the planner of the century, and is where I go to get the best inspiration for my career. 

Sporty & Rich / @sportyandrich

Not technically a person, but a brand, but the name is all you need to know. THE vibe, and all the best throwback pics, Sporty & Rich is channeling the J. Crew and Ralph Lauren of the 90’s in the best way possible. And what’s better than being able to buy the inspo? Their book (Sporty & Rich Wellness Book) is a physical copy of their instagram, made especially for your coffee table. A vibe and aesthetic in and of itself, I could talk about them forever.

Izabel Ottoni /@izabelottoni

Izabel is THE summer It-Girl. Her brand (@andreaalmeidaofficial) creates the most stunning dresses for summer. Handmade in Brazil, there is nothing more elevated and unique in creation and concept in my opinion. Literally channeling the sun and beaches of Brazil into their pieces, a girl can dream of wearing them. Izabel is the face of the brand, and her own page is full of the most stunning clothes and her glowing personality. Her style has been a huge influence on me and is sure to be filling your Pinterest boards soon. 

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