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8 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts (So You Don't Feel Like The World's Worst GF)

Wrapped Gifts With Kisses

It literally feels like Christmas was 3 days ago so if you're also feeling like Valentine's day came out of nowhere, I promise you, you're not the only one. With the chaos of the New Year, it's totally valid if you mayyyy or may not have forgotten to get your boyfriend a lil something special.

The good news is that we officially have one week to get our shit together and we're here to save your butt and help you find a gift that will not only arrive on time, but look like you've put lots of effort and love into it too. (Little does he know that you ordered your gift on Amazon 48 hours before Valentine's Day and got your inspo off of MUUZ)

1. These Nike Blazers

Nike Blazers

A man loves nothing more than a fresh pair of sneakers (besides you, of course). But seriously, if your boyfriend is one of those guys who literally only wears like one pair of shoes... These are perfect. Now, he'll wear the shoes you got him and think about you every morning he puts them on.

Travel Backpack

Instead of letting your man travel with that old Jansport backpack that he's literally had since 8th grade, allow him to slightly elevate his look with this travel backpack. It's your job as his girlfriend to make sure he is staying trendy and this bag is a must. If you want to take things even further with your impressive gift-giving skills, surprise him with a little getaway that he can take his backpack on.

Versace Cologne

The real question is... Is this cologne a gift for him or is it really a gift for you? The answer is both. It smells incredible and is one of those colognes that will not only boost his confidence but his attractiveness too. I mean, everyone loves a man who smells good. Plus, it's Versace so you get extra points for being bougie.

Beef Jerky Set

Okay, hear me out. If your boyfriend has that beef jerky obsession that all of my guy friends have... This one is for you ladies. Everyone knows food is the way to a man's heart and in this case, it's all about the jerky. This gift is also super clutch as it comes with a huge gift bag and other accessories that make it look like you’ve put on a whole production for Valentine’s Day.

5. This Car Wall Art

Car Wall Art

Men. Love. Cars. This one is going to require a few more steps once you obtain the posters but I promise it will be worth it. Essentially, you are going to want to order this 6 pack of car posters and then you are going to want to find frames that match their sizes. On Valentine’s Day, grab a few Command Strips and hang up these posters in his room for a surprise he is literally going to freak out about.

6. This Hoodie

Black Hoodie

I genuinely don’t care if your boyfriend already has 15 hoodies. He is going to love his 16th hoodie even more. So I’m going to give you two options here. You can either surprise him with this hoodie that comes in like a million colors to choose from or…. You can order this hoodie and then take it to your local printing store and get your initials or anniversary date printed or embroidered into the sleeve. It’s an affordable and thoughtful gift that will seriously melt his heart.

Chain Necklace

Again, I don’t know if this is really a gift for him or for you, but I promise you there is nothing more attractive than your man wearing a little chain around his neck. If you’re trying to give him something a little bougie but you’re not ready to break your bank account, this necklace is the perfect middle ground. He will wear it every day and it’s a bougie touch that both of you will love.

Pickle Ball Set

My favorite part about this gift is that it’s actually a gift that the two of you can enjoy together. If you and your boyfriend enjoy “experience” gifts, this pickleball set is a go-to option. To get even more creative, you can even book a pickleball court on Valentine’s Day and have a little date with his new gift.

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