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Being Single Isn't Bad | Here's 3 Ways to Shift Your Mindset

By: Nicole Milliman

Friends in Tub

Do you ever find yourself spiraling into self pity and comparison when you start thinking too much about being single? It’s so easy to feel like you’re falling behind, or that there’s something WRONG with you... But the truth is, being single is actually a really powerful and positive chapter of life – it all depends on your mindset! Here are 3 reasons why being single isn’t a bad thing


Being single can be a really positive thing, it all depends on how you look at it. It’s important to have perspective, and remember that no matter what, the grass isn’t always greener. When  you’re single, you get to curate your world. You choose the energies you are allowing into your life, you are the one deciding how to spend your time, and you have full freedom to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Take advantage of this self and use it wisely – make fun memories with the people around you, don’t take anything too serious, and be present!


A really cool thing about being single is that you literally have no idea how long this chapter of your life will exist. You could be 19 right now, and end up meeting your person next month. That means your single days would be officially over, and you might face some type of future regret for not appreciating them enough while you had them. The truth is, no one really knows who is going to come into their life, or when a new chapter will begin. So don’t wait around! Act like the main character of your own story, be good to those around you, and appreciate this chapter for what it is! 


Being young is such a pivotal time to dream big and take the steps necessary to reach your goals. When you really think about it, being single lets you focus solely on YOUR own journey, without having to compromise with someone else! Being able to make your own decisions without any outside noise is something you should be grateful for – don’t waste this special time waiting around for some guy to come into your life. Instead, work hard, do good, love yourself - and watch the rest follow.

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