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You Deserve It: Realizing Your Worthy Of Greatness And Your Life Will Only Get Better

By: Ariella Youssefyeh

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We are told that in life great things are the product of hard work, and while that is true, what about those situations where things seem to go your way just because? When the new friend you made turns out to be amazing, when that first date feels too good to be true when life genuinely feels at ease.

When we’re used to life being intense and stressful, and then things start going well, it can be hard to accept that. It may feel as though something is going wrong by going so right, and like we don’t deserve anything in life becoming so easy.

Yes, not every moment of life may feel easy, and that’s OKAY, but sometimes it will be. Ironically, this easiness can cause unease and lead us to self-sabotage.

These feelings are extremely valid, and this can happen especially when we are used to situations going “wrong”, and seemingly happy moments being “ruined”, so we tend to

spend the entirety of positive moments waiting for the other shoe to drop rather than getting to actually enjoy those moments

I’m here to tell you that you do deserve that ease, and you should take it in, have gratitude for it, and ultimately you will find more of it. You inherently get to feel confident, as though you deserve to reach your goals.

Remember to be compassionate with yourself, practice self-love, and take small steps every day towards both your goals + your positivity and recognition of your success. You can try making gratitude lists every morning to notice the positive more and slow down a little to be more mindful of when you catch yourself beginning to think negatively about something great. Remind yourself that it’s okay to feel this way, but that you are worthy of experiencing everything wonderful this life offers.


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