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Blair Waldorf Snob Essentials

By: Danielle Zibiri

Gossip Girl bed

Morning, Upper East Siders. Hope you had a good night’s sleep. Or at least a good night’s play. Blair’s off to La Duree this morning to pick up some macarons and heading straight to SaraBeths to meet S for a quick Brunch… Word has it Lonely Boy and Golden Boy both declared their love, it’ll take a couple of mimosas to make this daring decision. Spotted on 7th avenue B in a Carolina Herrera bubble dress and Valentino Heels, This Chanel bag’s different for her, and is the Baignoire watch Chuck gave to her? Who knew his sins would be forgiven so soon. As the sun sets on another day of Ivy League pursuits, classes are out at Columbia, and the minions are en route to Blairs for a soiree, then off to Socialista. Dorotas mixing martinis, Blairs in silk. Dramas Brewing….

We all know Blair Waldorf's style was a major part of her appeal… but as they say the devils In the details. Throughout the duration of the show we got glimpses of items Blair would frequent and that added to her lifestyle and more. Essentially these are “snob essentials”necessary to live a day in Blair Waldorf's  life. From the morning macarons at La Duree, to gin martinis at Socialista, there's just so many things that make Blair Blair. These hints elevate our lifestyle as well so it's not a bad idea to try it out for yourself, I know I definitely will. 

LaDuree Macarons 

LaDuree Macarons 

Having them in the bath, with a bit of champagne or as a late night snack. These macarons were Blair’s favorites and promised apology gifts . They are my favorite, and make me feel 10x classier, elevating my ordinary day into something special and memorable. Combining such simple and luxurious pleasures is a perfect way to unwind and feel truly appreciated. 

Satin Robe

We all remember the iconic scene of Chuck Bass seducing Blair in her purple Diane Samadni lace satin robe. I was enamored by her satin robe ensembles almost as much as I was the couture gowns, their beautiful statement and I can’t even imagine how cozy! Also for the perfect goodnight rest the eye mask. You can never be truly chic without the Bottega eye mask. 

Chanel Cosmetics 

The No 5 Perfume, Chanel bronzing compact and ​​compact mirror were Blairs staple cosmetics Although this featured mostly whenever Chuck f-ed up it was a very Princess of Monaco way to put herself back together. It exudes elegance and poise and it’s perfect for achieving natural airbrush finish . I’m personally obsessed with the Chanel No 5 perfume, my favorite scene will forever be Blair putting it in Dan's coffee at W. 

Gin Martini 

I know this is an acquired taste but it should be the go to pregame drink, iced glass and ice cold gin, 3 olives. Sit in your silk robe and have some macarons while sipping on a martini, it doesn’t get more Blair Waldorf than this. 

Tiffany Lock Diary 

Mask your most filthy secrets in this tiffany lock. With this trust all your secrets are safe, except you have conniving backstabbing friends like Serena.. 



This is the best season to get Peonies, so it’s the perfect time to hint at your boyfriend or even better get these for yourself. Their subtle pink is so elegant and even just a vase of these could make your living space change totally. 


pearls on Blair Waldorf

Referencing the iconic breakfast at Tiffany’s, whether it was a pearl choker, bracelet or earring Blair never failed to be regal in these Tiffany Pearls. 

One way ticket to Paris 

gossip girl in Paris

Unrealistic, I know. But if you can,take a trip to Paris with someone you love dearly you'll reconnect like never before and make memories you'd be in awe of 30 years down. I know it's “romanticized” but the experience you have anywhere is truly up to what you make it. So please. Romanticize romanticize then romanticize again. Go and make Paris yours. And that's one tip we can take from B and S. 

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