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Bridgerton Girls Rejoice: This Summer Is All About Period Drama Makeup

By: Hana Tilksew


Confession: when I watch a period drama, I often get distracted from the actual plot because I’m just staring at the actresses’ faces. They pull off the kind of “no makeup” makeup look that we’ve already seen with the clean girl aesthetic, but it always looks so much more elegant and romantic in a period drama. You could totally believe that these women just woke up looking like that.

With Season 3 of Bridgerton set to premiere in May and conclude in June, it’s guaranteed that we’ll have a Bridgertoncore summer. Period drama makeup is the perfect combination of lightweight and glamorous to hold us through the summer months. With these products and tips, you too can be a diamond of the first water.

1. The Prep


The protagonist in a period drama is never dry or matte. Instead, she’s dewy and radiant. To get the same look, you need the right skin prep. Start off with a good moisturizer: if your skin is on the oiler slide, try the Peach Slices Snail Rescue Oil-Free Moisturizer ($16.99). If you have dry skin, try the La Roche Posay Ultra Soothing Moisturizer ($32.99), which Phoebe Dynevor used on the set of Bridgerton Season 1. If you have sensitive skin and you’re willing to splurge, the SkinFix Barrier+ Triple Lipid Peptide Cream ($54) will be your best friend.

One marker of a leading lady is that she never looks tired. If you’re afflicted with raccoon-esque under eyes like me, try a rejuvenating product like the Faded Under Eye Brightening & Cleaning Eye Masks ($22). These eye masks have the immediate effect of hydrating and depuffing and will work overtime to reduce discoloration. To maximize their cooling effect, store the masks in the fridge before use.

2. The Base


Foundation: The dreamy debutante look is all about letting your natural beauty shine through, so it’s better to opt for a skin-boosting tint rather than a super heavy foundation. The Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Tint ($36) is great for adding some glow to your complexion without making you oily. If you need a boost of moisture and would also like some SPF protection, try the Lancôme “Skin Feels Good” SPF 23 Tinted Moisturizer ($37).

Blush: What can you find in every centuries-old female portrait? Impossibly rosy cheeks. Nothing says effortless radiance like a cream blush — the Melt Cosmetics Cream Blushlight ($24) is a personal favorite. For a multitasking product you can use as blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, and lipstick, try out the Nars “The Multiple” Cream Stick ($39). If you’re an oily girl who’s worried about her makeup disappearing halfway through the day, try a long-lasting stain like the viral Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint ($24). But beware — this product dries down fast, so blend quickly.

Highlight: Erika Ökvist, the on-set makeup artist for Bridgerton Season 2,

Highlighter + Balm Duo ($50), which she uses to create a subtle glow that

isn’t overpowering. Concentrate this product on the high points of your face

to look lit from within. If you want a more even glow that’s distributed across

your entire complexion, mix the Saie Glowy Super Gel ($28) with your

skin tint of choice.

3. The Eyes


Eyeshadow: Centuries ago, shimmer and glitter weren’t really a makeup staple. Thankfully, we’ve advanced since then. To add some drama to your eyes like the Sharma sisters, check out the Urban Decay 24/7 Moondust Eyeshadow ($24). If you’d rather be more period-accurate and low-key, use a more subtle product like the Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow ($25).

Eyeliner: Since the goal is to create a more natural look instead of a super harsh, modern one, you should probably opt for pencil liners over gel. The Revlon ColorStay Waterproof Eyeliner ($7.49) is the perfect combination of sharp and smoky at a great price point. If you have lighter hair, opt for a brown color instead of the traditional black to lean into the more natural vibe we’re going for with the period drama aesthetic.

Lashes: If you’re truly committed to the natural vibe, a minimalist mascara like the Glossier Lash Slick Lift and Lengthening Mascara ($20) is all you need. But if you can’t live without your falsies, opt for singles instead of a full set. They’ll look more subtle, and you’ll have more control of where each lash length occurs along your eye. The Velour-Xtensions False Lashes Kit ($38) is a great product for beginners learning to apply individual falsies on their own.

If you want to say screw the makeup and achieve enviable lashes all by yourself, try The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum ($14.90). Prepare to watch your natural lashes and brows transform over the next 12 weeks and beyond.

4. The Lips


You’ll never see a bright red lip or duochrome gloss in a period drama. The goal is to choose a subtle but complementary lip color that makes people wonder if your lips are just that flushed all on their own. If you prefer a hydrating, balmy texture, try the Nars Afterglow Lip Balm ($28) or the Naturium Phyto Glow Lip Balm ($10). If you’d rather wear a high-shine gloss, try the Kaja Juicy Glass Lip Oil ($18) or the Saie Glossybounce High-Shine Hydrating Lip Gloss Oil ($22).

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