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Essentials for Getting a Summer Time Tan

By: Shaylin Smith

Tanning on beach

Having a tan instantly makes me feel more confident, and now that it's summertime, tanning time has begun. Take advantage of the high UVs and your relaxed schedule and spend some time in the sun! It's time to replace your fake tan with a real one, and these are some of the best products to help you achieve the perfect summertime tan.  

Frankis Bikinis

The first step to tanning during the summertime is having a bikini you love. Feeling confident and cute in a bikini is the best feeling, so invest in the one you love! Right now I am loving this Frankies and Pink collaboration and totally recommend it! 


Beach Towel

I love having a cute beach towel that I can grab every time I go to tan. This one from Etsy is adorable, good quality, and affordable! 

Tanning Oil

This tanning oil is magical. I never believed in using tanning oil but this enhanced my tan after tanning for only two hours. Also, the container is huge and will last you forever. Definitely essential for achieving a tan! 

Sun Bum Face Mist

Taking care of your skin is always important, and using sunscreen, specifically on your face, is absolutely necessary. I love this one from Sun Bum. It is SPF 45 and drys super fast so you don’t feel sticky after you apply it. 

MUUZ Spotify Playlist

Last but not least, a summertime playlist to listen to while you tan!! Tanning can be pretty boring, especially when you are alone, and listening to music can make things more fun! The MUUZ team actually created a playlist for you, so give it a listen and enjoy! 

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