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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We only have 24 hours in a day to get the sh*t we want done… it’s time to take advantage of the opportunities you are given in those 24 hours and become the boss babe you’ve always looked up to. Time management is one of the key factors in being successful and waking up earlier is going to be the first step in mastering that time management.

We’re all guilty of hitting snooze on our alarms, and that’s just how life is sometimes. But, we’re here to tell you how to get past the morning blues and become excited for the sound of your alarm clock going off each morning.

Step 1: Invest In A “Comfortable” Alarm Clock

There’s literally nothing worse than waking up to a startling or loud sound that starts you morning off on the wrong side of the bed. I literally recommend this Alarm Clock to anyone who is looking for a more peaceful way of waking up each day. It mimics the sunrise, creating a gorgeous light that gradually gets brighter, leading you to a calm wake-up. Not only does it have a ton of colors to choose from, but it also has a built-in USB charger and LED display.

Step 2: Maximize Your Sleep With This Memory Foam Pillow

How is a boss babe supposed to wake up in the morning if she barely got to sleep the night before? Get the sleep you need and dream of with this Memory Foam Pillow that will support your neck and head, allowing it to sink in throughout the night. Instead of tossing and turning, you can stay at rest until your alarm clock goes off. This pillow will even circulate the air around you, keeping it cool and comfortable while you dream.

Step 3: Drink Some Coffee For Some Extra Energy

Just in case you wake up on the wrong side of the bed (which we are all guilty of), this Coffee Machine is going to become your new best friend. Instead of breaking your bank account on that “mid” coffee drink you keep ordering at the cafe, you can customize and create your own lattes and espressos with this bad boy. It’s easy to use and gives you something to look forward to in the morning.

Step 4: Separate Day From Night With This Sleep Mask

When the sun is up, boss babes are moving. When the sun is down, they are resetting, skincare routine-ing and sleeping. This Sleep Mask is the perfect way to separate the two. With its molded shape and cushion design, you can comfortably place this mask over your eyes to block out the light and get the beauty sleep that you deserve.

Step 5: Dress To Impress With This Boss Babe Outfit

I think we all know the nighttime excitement when you go to bed and you can’t sleep because you can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures. Ensure you wake up early and be the boss babe you want to be when you have this Boss Babe Outfit waiting in your closet. It comes with a cropped blazer and wide-leg pants to feel and look professional at all times.

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