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Hot Girls Don't Gatekeep | Websites You Might Not Know... But Need To Know

By: Nicole Milliman


If you’re over leaving the house wearing the same shoes, jewelry, or outfit as every other girl on the street, it might be time to start shopping from some more underground brands! There’s nothing better than stepping out in an outfit no one else will be wearing. And you’re in luck - MUUZ girls don’t gatekeep! Here are some websites you need to check out this summer!


Coolway Shoes

Coolway is an amazing brand that has such fun and colorful shoes. While Adidas sambas are such a staple, there’s nothing wrong with stepping outside the box and venturing into different brands that aren’t as well known!



Nuuly is perfect for girls who love variation in their wardrobe! It’s a monthly rental service that allows you to pick 6 pieces of amazing clothes for only $99. It’s such a life hack if you are constantly having events where you feel like you need to go out and buy a new dress or statement piece. I love using Nuuly because it lets me get outside of my style comfort zone and try new things I wouldn’t typically buy.

JEWELRY - bixbyandco


Bixbyandco is a female-founded jewelry brand based out of Australia! They have the most BEAUTIFUL jewelry that is unique yet still so simple and classy. The quality is incredible and they truly have something for everyone. I love their gold hoops, and their prices are super affordable for good quality jewelry that won’t tarnish right away.


JW PEI Purse Black

JW PEI is one of my favorite places to shop for purses. They have a wide variety of styles, from classic black shoulder bags to bright and fun colorful bags for a statement. The quality is incredible... I’ve been using my shoulder bag for 3 years now and it’s still in perfect condition. They are so classy and reasonably priced, definitely worth taking a look at their website!

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