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Hot Take: Hair Care is Just as Important as Skin Care

By: Avigail Feldman

Girl In The Shower

Last night I had my weekly “everything” shower and while I was in the process of my nightly skincare routine I was trying to come up with an idea for MUUZ. I then moved on to some would say an extensive hair care routine and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share how hair care is just as important as any other self-care ritual. My hair texture has been a difficult one to manage as I have what's in between wavy and curly hair - and when not managed can often be a big frizz ball... So with that being said, here is my hair care routine with all the products for you to start yours.

1: Understand Your Hair Texture/Type

Knowing what type of hair you have such as straight, curly, dry, oily, or damaged is going to be essential when planning a haircare routine. When following these recommendations, make sure to change out products to fit your hair type and texture!

2: Find Your Perfect Shampoo and Conditioner

The key to healthy hair starts with what you use in the shower. Finding the right hair products is all about trial and error. It took me forever to find the right shampoo and conditioner that worked for me. My hair is long, thick, and on the drier side so this Amika Velveteen Dream line has worked amazingly on my hair texture!

3: Apply a Hair Mask

A hair mask is a game changer when you have dry or damaged hair. Often applied before or after a shower, a hair mask will leave your hair soft and just like you left a salon. My current favorite is this one from Ouai!

4: Apply a Leave-in Conditioner

Sometimes I feel hair masks can be a bit heavy when I'm not in dire need of repair. I love to use leave-in conditioners every time I wash my hair to keep it soft and smelling good! My all-time favorite one is from Fable and Mane - I have recommended it to many friends and we are all obsessed.

5: Try a Texture Mousse

If you're looking to add body and texture to your hair, I love to use texture mousse to add volume - apply before blow drying on damp hair and your hair will look like you just got a blowout. I love this one from Living Proof!

6: Top With a Hair Oil

Finalize your hair care with a light hair oil to keep it nice and shiny. Sometimes I use hair oil on days where I do slick back styles to keep my hair hydrated or add after using heat to bring the life back to it. My favorite is by Olaplex!

Hair products, or just any product are all about trial and error. Maybe you're doing a summer of self-love or trying to implement essentials into your routine, give this routine a try and remember: hair care is just as important as your skincare!

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Ruth Feldman
Ruth Feldman
19 apr.

Excellent blog, lots of good advice as to what to use on your hair. I would like to try some of the products you have suggested. Thanks for the suggestions.

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