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How to be a Pilates Princess From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

By Ariella Youssefyeh

Girl In Pink Outfit

Pilates is one of the most popular workouts right now. For the past six months, my feed has been filled with videos telling me that Pilates will solve all of my problems, and make me a new woman. Though Pilates is amazing, the price of Pilates classes can add up quickly, and honestly, I don’t always have the time to leave the house and go to a workout class, so we’re going to figure out a few ways to achieve that Pinterest perfect Pilates princess vibe without even having to leave the house.

1. The Look

I know that I work out best when I give myself time to get ready and pick a cute outfit. If you’re looking for something affordable that’s actually cute and comes in a ton of colors, try this set or these super soft leggings. If you’re down to splurge a little and want something flattering that makes you feel confident, try these Lululemon Align Shorts that come in a bunch of different lengths and colors (I just got Strawberry Milkshake and Windmill in the 4” and I’m obsessed), or these Alo Airlift Leggings that are both form-fitting and sleek (my favs).

2. The Equipment

Pilates can have a lot of equipment sometimes, and it’s honestly intimidating. This pilates ring and this set of workout bands are some of the ways I like to intensify pilates at home. My favorite part of these bands is how they come in multiple levels of resistance, so as you get stronger you can continue to challenge yourself.

3. The Workout

YouTube is my holy grail for at-home workouts. If you want a workout you can do when you only have 30 minutes on your hands, this workout by Move With Nicole is one of the best, and she also has more advanced workouts like this for when you feel yourself getting stronger.

4. The Post-Workout Fuel

After your workouts, you need to give your body adequate fuel. No matter what time of day you’re doing your pilates, we’ve got you 5 MUUZ-approved recipes that aren’t just good for you, but seriously taste good.

Pilates is one of my favorite ways to get in daily movement (especially when I’m busy) which let's face it, who isn’t right now while we’re at the home stretch of finishing school? But, if you read this article and still don’t know if Pilates is for you and your Hot Girl Summer goals, try one of these other MUUZ favorite ways to give your body some love.

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