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How To Cover Up In Style: Bathing Suit Cover Ups That Are Both Functional And Fabulous

By: Ariella Youssefyeh

green matching set

There’s one thing I know: I love a good cover-up. It adds the perfect touch of modesty to a bathing suit but can also make your outfit look so hot at the same time?!?!?! Sign me up.

Here are my top picks for bathing suit covers that are worth buying for both their practicality and their Instagramable qualities

Crotchet Set

When you’re looking for a bathing suit cover-up that will stand out both in photos and in person, this is 100% the set for you. With a colorful pattern and crochet material, this set screams summer and is sure to turn heads.

Matching Set

So maybe you love the idea of something fun like a set, but you’re not into all of the colors and would rather keep it lowkey. If that sounds like you, this SNDY set on Revolve gives desert oasis, and is a perfect summer neutral color.

tropical sarong

I’m beyond obsessed with this. The colorway is INSANE. So beautiful. Imagine you have a sun-kissed tan, a white bathing suit on, and this sarong over it. Perfect. (In case you can’t tell I’m obsessed with this lol).

cutout dress

With a statement pattern and a unique cut (plus it’s on sale right now ;)) this dress is flattering, vacation-ready, and perfectly feminine.

Gold cover up

For the Stargirl in your life.... I am a sucker for any clothing item that has gold or silver. This cover-up is perfectly gold and will look so good shining in the summer sun.

Crotchet Dress

Sometimes basic is the way to go. This cover-up dress comes in both staple colors and is the best when your bathing suit is colorful and patterned but you still need a cut cover-up.

Matching beach set

Whether it’s a windy beach day and a dress isn’t enough, or you’d prefer to wear pants and a shirt instead, this set is timeless and is something you can wear to both the beach and a post-beach tropical dinner.


Had to save the best for last. This is my favorite cover-up ever. I literally just ordered it. Between the low neckline, the flattering cut, and the versatility, this dress could not be better.

With any of these cover-ups, you guys are sure to slay summer and both look, and feel beautiful.

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