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Self Tanners We Literally Can't Live Without

By Ellie Zeiler

Girl In Pink Outfit

I told myself at the beginning of this winter to not fall into a winter depression I would self-tan at least once a week. At this point, it’s become an addiction of mine and I have become a master at knowing what fake tan will flake off in a day and which one will stay.

1. This Loving Tan

Matching Pink Outfit

This is my all-time favorite tanner. (My ex-boyfriend’s name is Tanner and it irked me writing that word loll) anyway! This leaves me nice and bronzed but lasts a very long time and develops quickly.

2. This Tan-Luxe

Blazer Dress

Add this to your face lotion twice a week and your face will look like it has bronzer on it 24/7.

Pink Matching Outfit

Put this on after every shower and it will keep your tan nice and even all week.

Cut Out Tight Maxi Dress

This is another great option for a foaming tanner that they sell at Sephora. Quick 2-hour express is the best.

Satin Romper

Affordable and sold at CVS, Rite Aid, and Target.

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