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How To Give Aspen Chic When You're Really Just Going To A Darty

Whether you're living your best life at a Big 10 school about to attend your first "80s in Aspen Darty," or you are the luckiest girl alive and are about to head on a big ski trip, we have everything you need to not only look hot but feel hot too... literally. These trendy fashion finds are EVERYTHING you are going to need to bear the cold while also staying Instagram photo-ready!

1. This Puffer Coat

Low-rise jeans, a cropped long-sleeve and this puffer coat are literally all you need to fit in perfectly at your next darty. If pink isn't your thing, this chic look also comes in a ton of hot colors to choose from.

2. These Ski Goggles

Everyone loves a girl who follows through on the party theme, so takes things to a new level with these ski goggles. They will complete your look and it is almost guaranteed that some frat guy is going to try to steal these from you. (Don't let them because these are the perfect goggles for actual skiing to and you're going to want them on the slopes)

3. These Ski Pants

You might think it seems impossible to look hot in ski clothes given how thick and baggy they can be, but I promise with these ski pants all of those worries will go away. When I say they make you look SNATCHED... I am not kidding. They're tight on your booty and will make you feel sexy on the slopes or on an elevated platform dancing at the darty.

The perfect darty outfit begins with a pair of mom jeans, a beanie and this cropped puffer coat. We all love a cropped moment and this jacket allows you to adjust the tightness at the bottom, allowing you to customize your look this darty season.

5. This Sock Set

When I say that fuzzy socks are non-negotiables for the winter... I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. This set comes with four different pairs that you can layer, wear on their own or style with your favorite UGGs, booties and more.

I don't know if it's just me but I feel like every time I see someone wearing this jacket, they just look like a badass. I honestly would pair this faux leather jacket just as it's shown... Turtleneck, gold statement jewelry, and high-waisted pants.

7. This Shirt Set

Layering is literally the most important secret to staying warm and this shirt set is an affordable option that everyone needs whether they're on the slope or sipping on white claws at a darty. Slip them under your coats or wear them on their own to achieve that winter chic look that everyone will love.

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