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No One Likes A Tummy Ache: Staple Snacks For The Gluten-Free & Vegan Girls

By: Ariella Youssefyeh

Healthy Snacks

These past few months I’ve been trying out a more dairy-free and gluten-free lifestyle.

While living in Los Angeles has made this lifestyle a lot easier because there are so many options, at first I felt like I couldn’t partake in things like the fun movie nights with my girlfriends where everyone was ordering pizza and snacking.

Now that it’s been a few months, I’ve become a pro and created a list of grocery store essentials so I don’t have to spend hours staring at ingredient labels every time I go shopping.

Gluten Free snacks

Siete has been my holy grail for gluten-free and vegan products. Their cookies are the perfect sweet treats, and their potato chips come in so many gluten-free and vegan flavors, including a Queso flavor. Their product offerings go beyond these two examples, and they even have tortillas and tortilla chips. The best part is that their ingredient lists are short and made with quality food.

Vegan Brownies Healthy

I am a chocolate-over-vanilla girl any day. These brownies have single-handedly gotten me through any chocolate cravings I’ve had, and I can’t rave about them enough. All of the ingredients are organic, and there’s even some extra fiber and protein in there. They also have a ton of other vegan and gluten-free products (this place is especially useful for any of my girls who may have a birthday coming up soon, her cakes look delicious).

3. Mush

Mush oats

While overnight oats are one of the easier gluten-free and vegan products to make, sometimes it’s really nice to have an on-the-go product that tastes homemade and is made with the best ingredients. Mush is one of my favorite breakfast foods or snacks, and this is the singular time I will pick vanilla over chocolate because it’s THAT good.

Solely Dried Fruit

The way that I feel about dried fruit is something else. I think it’s literally one of the most delicious snacks. Solely is one of my favorite brands to dried fruit from as it’s organic, and they have so many options beyond traditional dried fruit like Mango Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Jerky and Gummies sweetened with fruit.


Sometimes you need that childhood comfort of Kraft Mac N Cheese. Goodles provides that childhood nostalgia while still allowing you to be tummy-ache-free.

French Squirrel

I’m so obsessed with dates I have not been able to get enough recently. French Squirrel has almond butter (they also have a peanut butter version) stuffed dates covered in 100% cacao made with organic ingredients. This has truly been one of the most delicious discoveries I have made.

Three Wishes Cereal

If you love to have cereal for breakfast (or even dinner because why is cereal such a good dinner food), Three Wishes is the brand for you. With gluten-free and vegan flavors like Marshmallow or Cinnamon, they have a flavor for everyone, and you won’t regret trying it.

Brune Kitchen

Brune Kitchen offers gluten-free and vegan cookies in Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge, and Peanut Butter Chunks. Their cookies are thick, and soft, and taste just like the real thing. I 10/10 recommend.

Organic Popcorn

From Organic Popcorn to Cheeseless Cheese Puffs, Lesser Evil has amazing savory and sweet snack options made with the best ingredients. Truly a staple.

Asha Pops

Ashapops are popped water lily seeds that come in multiple flavors like Vegan Cheese. These snacks are unique and have the perfect crunch as well as quality ingredients.

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