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Outfits That Will Take You From Your 9-5 To Your 5-9

By: Alexa Nissim

Business Casual Outfits

When stocking up on business professional attire for a summer internship or maybe a full-time job, I always hated the idea of having “work” clothes and “regular” clothes. I wanted pieces that I could wear both at work and outside of work! These outfits are the perfect mix of boardroom and bar scene. 

Silk Skirt 

Silk Skirt

Skirts like these are perfect for your everyday 9-5. Pairing it with a cute button-down shirt screams business professional. I also love how you can just switch out your professional shirt for a basic tank top that fits in your purse when you want to catch dinner with friends after work. 

Classy Belt  


I think accessories like a belt can help elevate your office look and be a perfect add-on when going out. I love how it ties the entire outfit together and can really make you seem more put together.

Chic Dress


This dress is so cute for work. Pairing it with a cardigan and boots allows you to wear it literally all day long. Plus it comes in so many different colors! 

Ballet Flats 

Ballet Flats

These flats are perfect for the summer. They’re casual, but still give that elegant look for the office. Again, these come in a variety of colors so you can pick one (or even two) based on what vibe you’re going for. I personally love the red crinkle. 

Statement Jewelry  

Statement Jewelry  

When going out with friends, I can’t leave the house without my jewelry, so I make sure to accessorize when heading to work. Don’t be afraid to throw in some statement pieces (while still keeping it office appropriate)!

Next time you plan to extend your 9-5 into 5-9, you’ll be covered with the clothing essentials. Remember our tips and there won't be any need to lug a full suitcase onto the subway for your commute.

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