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Paris Hilton Looks That Are Perfect For Your 21st

By: Danielle Zibiri 

Paris Hilton

Turning 21 is a really fun time in a girl's life…. We have the sweet 16 and the 18th birthday, but nothing quite hits like your 21st (especially the gifts). It's the official and legal age you become an adult able to do whatever you want. Surrounded by short skirts, sequins, tiaras, lots of eye makeup and a few bad decisions it’s a night you never forget. But there’s one thing that makes or breaks it and that’s your outfit. Looks don’t matter obviously, but on this day they really do. Yes you probably can’t get a custom Dolce with matching Louboutins like our favorite it girls… But you can still look hotter than ever, remember it’s not about what labels you wear as long as you have a good eye. And if you don’t, I do . . Who better to look to for inspo than Paris Hilton? At the end of the day, she’s known for the most scandalous, sexy and daring party outfits. Which is what turning 21 is all about. 

Paris was the OG party girl, and in a close second came Lindsay Lohan ( I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that LOL) we all know about the life time beef. Anyway, she partied like never before. Her whole lifestyle was a continuous 21st bday bash a bit excessive, but we could all definitely take some tips. From the Iconic Silver dress (I think we can all agree it changed lives), look nowhere else but Paris Hilton for the ultimate night out inspo.

Tutu Dress

tutu dress

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