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Birthday Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Cool Girl

By: Nancy Jin

LV Bag

At MUUZ, we believe in curating gifts that resonate with her unique style and spirit, ensuring each present is as exceptional as she is. From timeless classics to cutting-edge innovations, join us as we explore the art of gifting for the ultimate cool girl.

lipstick case

If you’re anything like me, you cannot go anywhere without your tried and true lip products (mine being my Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner and Dior Lip Oil). This personalized lipstick case is the perfect luxury and elegant addition to any going out or everyday purse.

custom fragrance

We all have our signature fragrance but what about creating it yourself? Olfactory in NYC specializes in affordable custom fragrances, where you can make your dream scent! No worries if you’re not local to NYC or not planning on making the trip anytime soon, Bios Apothecary has a customizable perfume oil that you can create online with over 130 natural scents!


Calling all cool girls and lovers of art! I present to you: the perfect birthday gift. From hand-painted to wall prints, Etsy has thousands of wall art to gift to your friend (or self). Be sure to check the size before you purchase!


Gifting someone a journal = my love language. If you or your friend is an avid journaler, Papier has the cutest selection of journals to choose from. This is a gift you cannot go wrong with since everybody needs to write something down.

beach towels

A beach towel is the perfect gift for your beachy friend and the best accessory to your latest Insta post. Revolve, Etsy, and Anthropologie are just a few perfect places to shop for fun in-the-sun beach towels.  

sleep mask

Saved the best for last, the ultimate beauty sleep addition, a silk eye mask. There are many great options on the market, but depending on what your preference is (eye cups to protect eyelashes or adjustable head strap), my personal favorite is the Drowsy Eye Mask. It blocks out all light, has an adjustable head strap, a cutout for your nose, and is padded for ultra comfort. 

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