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Gifts Every Boyfriend Will Appreciate

By: Hana Tilksew


Boyfriends are notoriously hard to buy for. It’s hard to guess what they want, and when you ask them, they just shrug and say “I don’t know.” But even if the special guy in your life doesn’t know what he wants, MUUZ does. Here are our recs for gifts he’ll love.

Memory Book

Not everyone knows this, but you can print your custom book at Barnes & Noble. You get to pick the paper, the binding, etc. How sweet would it be to print a book made up of all your memories with your boyfriend? You can include photos you’ve taken together, written accounts of your wildest stories, and sweet personal messages.

This isn’t just a great boyfriend gift — a custom memory book makes the perfect present for all your family and friends!

Cold Brew

If he’s a cold brew addict, give his wallet a break from his daily Starbucks runs. This cold brew coffee maker ($52) makes it possible for everyone’s favorite iced drink to be made at home, and it pays for itself after the first five to ten servings.

Uber Gift Card

There are two things everyone appreciates: transportation and food. Loading up a gift card that helps your boyfriend get anywhere he wants or order whatever he’s craving is a foolproof gesture (and if you live in a big city where Uber costs an arm and a leg, he’ll guard it with his life).

Clay Pomade

Have some Sephora points sitting around? Spend them on your boyfriend by gifting him this hair pomade ($24). Not only will it make his hair feel great, but it’ll preserve the health of his follicles thanks to the product’s exclusion of any yucky parabens or phthalates.


It’s a dilemma that too many guys face: wanting to soothe their chapped lips, but being wary of having a shiny coat of balm on their lips. This matte lip balm set ($10), formulated with ceramides and apple seed oil, solves both problems.

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