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The Enduring Influence of Princess Diana’s Fashion

By: Danielle Zibiri

Girl on the street of New York

We can’t deny Princess Diana’s impact on society today both in fashion and humanity. She had the heart posture of gold. Today we recognise her bold personal style and her philanthropic impacts all over the world.

She was a style icon to say the least, some of her looks being so famous they had names of their own and associated with periods in history e.gthe revenge dress, off duty cycling shorts, and her fairytale 25 foot train wedding dress. We begun observing her style from her teenage years where she wore preppy sweaters, lapel collars and a lot of pastel, as she grew accustomed to the royal family's style and grandeur designers such as Catherine Walker, Givenchy, Chanel and Dior played pivotal roles in shaping and refining her fashion sense.

As the years went by her style grew In distinctiveness and charisma even in the presence of strict protocols against cleavage, short skirts, and whatever was deemed unnecessary exposure by the royals. Her fashion only grew in intensity following her separation with her husband Prince Charles’s. Her looks dared short lengths, cuts and overall boldness. This was a defining era of not just princess Diana’s life but England.

1. 1986 Japan

Diana wears the traditional Japanese kimono during a visit to Japan with Prince Charles, as always she exuded elegance and a passion for culture and people.

2. 1985 Australia

Prince Charles and Diana attend a Charity Ball in Melbourne. Diana is seen dancing joyfully throughout the night with Prince Charles and her friends. She's seen in this radiant satin blue gown by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

3. 1984 UK

The princess looked regal in this drop waist pink sequin gown while visiting the Apollo Victoria Theatre to watch “Starlight Express.

4. 1985 Australia

In her signature look the Dynasty Di she is seen in this backless metallic gown by Bruce Oldfield in Melbourne.

5. 1985 Sicily

Princess Diana is accompanied by Prince Charles in Sicily during the Royal Tour of Italy. She is spotted in a pink ensemble playing perfectly with the silhouette and giving her a striking presence.

6. 1982 London

She wore this floral ensemble to the christening of Prince Williams, at the royal family's home.

7. 1985 London

Princess Diana in a yellow ball gown by Murray Arbeid, seen again in the signature Dynasty Di Silhouette featuring the puffed sleeves and deep V- Neck.

8. 1997 St Tropez

Taken a month before her death, Diana was spotted in St tropez with Dodi the son of billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed its said this was the beginning of their romance.

9. 1997 London

Princess Diana is seen in this chic black suit featuring the “Lady Dior” bag named after her by Christian Dior.

10. 1996 Chicago

Lady Di never failed to represent a culture. She wears this “Northwestern'' Purple Versace gown during her visit to the university.

11. 1992 South Korea

This gown worn while attending a banquet in South Korea features a re-edition of the pink attire by Walker, worn to meet the Crown Prince of Kuwait in 1989. See, even a princess believes in recycling!

12. 1990 London

She's seen in this effortless floral gown perfect for spring at the ballet.

13. 1997 London

This perfect blue by Jacques Aargury, worn at the performance of “Swan Lake” in London she radiated elegance and poise.

14. 1994 UK

The “revenge” dress was worn the day Prince Charles had made known of his affair with Camille Parker Bowles.

15. 1986 Tokyo

The Princess of Wales wore this Yuki gown at the Imperial Palace .

16. 1997 UK

She wore this stunning black beaded gown by Jacques Azargury, accessorized with the stunning emerald and diamond choker paired with diamond drop earrings.

17. 1995 Argentina

After her separation with Prince Charles, Diana was seen in shorter hemlines and mainstream designers. She wore this pink suit by Versace during her visit to Argentina.

18. 1989 Hong Kong

Famously known as her “Elvis dress” , Catherine Walker designed a stunning bolero jacket, and white silk dress embroidered with beads and sequins.

19. 1997 The Riveria

This colorful bikini which would have sent the royal family into an uproar was worn by Princess Di while vacationing in the riviera.

20. 1987 Cannes

Princess Diana graced the South of France in this subtle but striking baby blue chiffon number by Catherine Walker. Apparently inspired by Grace Kelly’s “To Catch a Thief”.

21. 1983 Australia

It's said Diana avoided wearing gloves to be closer to the people. She wore this pink Victor Edselstein dress on her royal tour.

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