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We Rounded Out Our 8 Best Pilates Studios in NYC

By: Nancy Jin

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If you’re looking for a sign to start pilates, this is it. Whether you’re just beginning or looking for your new favorite studio, we’ve tried just about every workout class in NYC. Our most loved pilates classes in New York City. In no particular order:

1.) Natural Pilates

Natural Pilates is no joke. These classes will have you SWEATING. Taken by many dancers and top models in NYC. Natural Pilates trainers know how to work your body. With studios in Soho, and CA (Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Brentwood, and Sherman Oaks), we cannot recommend this studio enough if you're looking for a challenging pilates class.

Located in Gramercy Park, Pilates Habitat offers open-level classes where instructors offer advancements/modifications to exercises depending on the composition of the group. Every class consists of 1/2 Cadillac, and 1/2 Reformer, so you can experience the benefits of both classic pieces of Pilates equipment in every class.

With 3 locations in East Village, West Village, and Kips Bay, Avea Pilates is our favorite studio for a rest day workout. These classes are not as challenging as other studios, however they are so helpful and knowledgeable for those new to pilates reformers.

With spacious tall ceilings and Himalayan salt walls, NoFar Method is our zen to get you through your midday work slump. I’ve been an avid NoFar stan since 2021, where the trainers are so fun and wonderful to work out. The studios are located in Flatiron, Tribeca, and newly in Miami.

A new studio but so good it's made its way into my top favorite pilates studios in just a few sessions. The owners and instructors are SO much fun and the studio offers 3 different class styles: Chill + Challenging Flow, Challenging Flow, and Cardio + Jumpboard. Located in SoHo.

Calling all Brooklyn girlies! This is one of the first Pilates studios I’ve ever taken a class in, so it has a special place in my heart. All the instructors are so welcoming, all levels are friendly, and a gorgeous studio. 3 locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, BK.

With locations in Jersey City, UES, Tribeca, and Brooklyn Heights, this studio is a great mix of challenging yet doable. They use WundaBar-specific machines and equipment designed to work each body part.

If you know me, you know I am a HUGE Alo fan. I love their activewear, and online classes. However, their in-person classes are such a hit. Not many people know they offer in-person classes in their store studios! Such a fun time to move your body and get some shopping in after.

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