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Why We Should All Be Dressing like a WAG

By: Avigail Feldman

Hockey Game Shoes

Being a sports fan and a lover of fashion, I have slowly become obsessed with all things WAGs (wives and girlfriends of professional athletes). I swear that every single appearance made either on my Instagram feed or TV, they always look amazing and incredibly styled. I figured with March Madness and NHL playoffs right around the corner, we should to take a look at my favorite sports outfits of this year in hopes to look half as good as all these stunning ladies.

1. Taylor Swift and Kristin Juszczyk

Taylor Swift and Kristin Juszczyk

This duo is all I can remember from the NFL this year. Taylor Swift is a pop icon, but at the same time she is also considered a WAG with her very public relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Though this couple has taken the world by storm, Taylor’s custom made Chiefs looks are what have caught my eye. She gravitates towards understated classy vibes and has been seen on multiple occasions wearing pieces from Kristin Juszczyk's 'Designs By Kristin' line. Kristin is the wife of San Francisco 49ers All-Pro fullback, Kyle Juszczy. Her designs gained traction due to Taylor's appearance wearing her pieces at games and now has a contract licensing deal with the NFL!

2. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Basketball Game

Known for her previous relationship with NBA star Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner has been sporting looks courtside for years. Recently spotted at a Lakers game, Kendall tends to gravitate for an understated, but equally sexy look. Either a statement jacket or boots, she always looks stunning for the cameras. Create your own bougie looks like Kendall’s with these staples.

3. Paige Lorenze

Paige Lorenze WAG

When Paige Lorenze stumbled upon my FYP on Tiktok showing o outfits for her boyfriend Tommy Paul’s tennis matches, I immediately clicked the follow button. The influencer has even been featured in Forbes for her iconic tennis looks and viral brand DairyBoy. Through her popularity she has inspired many with her fashion sporting brands such as MiuMiu and New Balance. She truly is the modern day ‘It Girl’ and a WAG to keep your eye on.

4. Alix Earle

Alix Earle Miami Dolphins Outfit

One of my favorite influencers known for her “GRWM’s” (get ready with me), Alix Earl’s relationship with Miami Dolphins Braxton Barrios is worthy of going viral. Her videos getting ready for the Dolphins games on Tiktok are filled with stunning

vintage Dolphins merch. I mean, just take a look at these two. The eortless style is totally her signature, inspiring those who want to nail their own game day outfits.

5. Lauren Kyle and Celeste Desjardins

Lauren Kyle And Celste Desiardins

Finally, for all my hockey fans (specifically the Oilers), Lauren Kyle and Celeste Desjardins are the bestie duo to watch out for. Dating Connar McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, this duo has impeccable style and are always dressed to impress – especially for the freezing Edmonton weather. Being best friends, the two are always spotted together in their finest game day fits often sporting a classy and sleek look. I am so excited to see this year's WAG jackets from all the NHL teams, but will definitely be keeping an eye on how Lauren and Celeste pull o the look for the Oilers.

Comment below on this article which WAG is on your radar for the latest trends. Fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel most comfortable in, and more often than not the simple looks such as the ones mentioned above are often my favorite.


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