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Everywhere You Should Be Second-Hand Shopping This Summer in NYC

By: Tehila Sole

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When you think of New York shopping, Soho and Fifth Avenue are probably the first places that come to mind. If you’re looking for something a little trendier, you’ll be recommended to go to stores in Nolita, where you can find extremely well-curated consignment. But what remains for those of us who are just looking for some good thrift finds that aren’t astronomically priced, and extremely well curated? If that’s the case, I have just the thing for you. On 26th street, practically in the middle of nowhere Manhattan, lies a trifecta, if you will, of stores with good selections, good vibes, and some (slightly) better prices. Here is my guide to spending a Sunday in New York, you’ll have to add to your NYC bucket list

Starting on 7th Avenue and 26th Street, head down towards 6th Ave., where you’ll reach your first stop. 

Part of a chain throughout the city and Brooklyn, 2nd Street usually carries more luxury brands, but also has an amazing selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories at great prices. This is just the place to start if you’re into streetwear, or looking for a cool luxury splurge.

Another chain, this is just down the street from 2nd Street, and is the biggest store on this list. The pieces here are a bit more unique but will make such good additions to your closet. My favorite section would be the purses, which carry a huge selection of vintage, new, and contemporary pieces. Buffalo Exchange is consistently on top of the trends and will have whatever it is you’re looking for. With so much to look through, you could spend hours here looking through everything, coming from experience ;). 

Yet another chain, but trust me, they all have amazing finds. Crossroads’ selection is a bit more toned down than 2nd Street and Buffalo Exchange but still has amazing contemporary-classics to add to your wardrobe. Amazing brands, and amazing deals, their East Village location is well known to be a great place to get lost in, but we’ll save that for another day. 

One of New York City’s best-known fleas, right next to Crossroads! Some of the best selections from clothing to home decor, and everything in between. Chelsea flea will take a while to get through, but you’ll see it all and still have time to get through the rest of the list. Make sure you go on a summer weekend so you don’t miss it! 

Suppose your shopping bags aren’t too heavy after hitting all the stops on this list. In that case, you can take the subway downtown, or take a short walk to some more NYC classics in the Flatiron Neighborhood such as La Pecora Bianca, Rizzoli Bookstore, Anita’s Gelato, and Madison Square Park. 

You don’t need to travel far to have a good time this summer. Happy Shopping!

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