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It’s Actually Okay To Be Proud of Yourself

Updated: Jun 20

By: Avigail Feldman


Remember those times when someone congratulated you on a big accomplishment or complimented your hair, and you responded with, “It's not that big of a deal” or “Oh no, it doesn’t look that good”? I’m here to tell you to stop doing that! It took me a long time to realize that it's perfectly okay to accept a compliment and take time to be proud of yourself.

Too often, I give compliments only to have them almost rejected by the recipient, who feels uncomfortable celebrating themselves. It's time we change that. We need to learn to acknowledge the parts of ourselves we like and celebrate even the smallest wins. Here are some simple ways to celebrate yourself.

Buy Yourself a Gift

Had a really good day at work? Got promoted? Reward yourself with something special, whether it's big or small. I always try to celebrate my achievements, whether by buying myself a new book, enjoying a sweet treat, or setting aside some cash for a big item I want to purchase. For example, on my day off I set aside time to get my nails done. Although it seemed a bit meaningless, it was my way of getting myself something nice as a reward for the week. 

Make Time to See Friends

Set aside moments in your week to share good news. Sharing positive news can uplift not only yourself but also those around you. Plus, who better to celebrate with than your besties?

Journal Your Accomplishments

When big life events or positive changes come around, I always like to journal about them. It's fascinating to read about the feelings I had last year and compare them to who I am today, especially the little things. This simple activity is an amazing tool for acknowledging daily happenings as well.

Learn to Accept Praise

It's also really important to accept compliments graciously. For a long time, I would deflect or steer the conversation away, when all I really needed to say was, "Thank you." What helped me most was being present in the moment and allowing myself to feel good about myself.

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Ruth Feldman
Ruth Feldman
19 jun

What an excellent article more people need to understand it’s OK to get a compliment and it’s even better to just say thank you. It’s always important to look after yourself particularly when you’ve had a busy day and you feel you did a great job. It’s nice to reward yourself and appreciate the ability to be able to do that Loved your article.

Me gusta
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